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Title - Interventional and Diagnostic Radiologist
Company - Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai/Elmhurst Hospital Center, NYC
Location - New York City, New York
Industry - Medical Practice
Specialty - Radiology; Healthcare; Surgery; Hospitals; Medical Education
Louis is an experienced Interventional Radiologist with over 15 years of experience in his field. Louis is best known for his positive attitude, always having a plan in place, and not being afraid to do the research to get the right answers. In his current profession he impacts the lives of patients for the better by conducting minimally invasive procedures both diagnosing and treating disease. Having been fortunate enough to attend some of best universities in the world including, Columbia and Georgetown University, Louis has received a top of the line education. His love for medicine began as a child and although he first explored other industries he eventually found his way back to his true passion of helping people live healthy fulfilling lives. In the next few years Louis hopes to continue to grow in his profession and continue to help people through his work. Louis notes his greatest professional achievement being him making the decision to return to school and pursuing a career in medicine and being successful. In joining the Worldwide Association of Notable Alumni he hopes to connect with alumni from both Columbia and Georgetown University as well as, meeting members from around the world. When not working Louis enjoys fishing, cycling, and remaining an active member with his church.
Title - Assistant Editor, Arts & Life
Company - Postmedia Network Inc.
Location - Toronto, Ontario
Industry - Publishing
Specialty - Editor; Writer; Music; Journalism; Music History
David W. Barber is an internationally bestselling author, musician and journalist. He is the author and editor of more than a dozen books on topics ranging from humorous classical music history to English literature and topical satire, published by Indent Publishing. As a composer, he has written two symphonies, a Requiem, a jazz mass based on the music of Dave Brubeck, numerous short choral and chamber pieces and vocal arrangements of many jazz standards. He performs regularly with the Toronto Chamber Choir, an early music vocal group. As a journalist, he has worked for the Whig-Standard in Kingston and in Toronto for the Globe and Mail (as editor of its TV magazine Broadcast Week) and in arts, news and business for the National Post. Since 2012 he has been the Assistant Editor of Arts & Entertainment for Postmedia Network Inc. He speaks fluent English and some French. He looks forward to branding and exposing his books and related products in the international market. In his spare time he enjoys choral singing, reading, and kayaking.
Title - Contemporary Artist
Company - KGB STUDIO / Katya Gardea
Location - Grennwich, Connecticut
Industry - Fine Art
Specialty - Photography; Contemporary Art; Film and Video; Installation Art, Sculpture; Drawing; Conceptual Art; Art History; Painting; Art Exhibitions; Lectures, Research,Teaching, Art Production, Curating, Museums, Contemporary Video Art
Katya Gardea Browne began her studies in art by attending Yale University, completing degrees in Fine Arts and Film Studies, where she was recognized for her abilities and was awarded Yale's prestigious Study Award. Her work incorporates sculpture, painting, video, architecture, installation and research. She has been affiliated with the Goethe Institute (Sao Paulo and Puerto Alegre, Brazil) and the Alfred Ehrhardt Stiftung in Berlin, where her work on "NatureCultures," in the subject of Art, Science, and Technology, was featured. Katya's body of work is exhibited in museums in Mexico City; and in the international art context, she is now a speaker on "Interviews from Yale University Radio WYBCX" on the subject of art, photography, architecture, and the urban landscape, and a speaker on Quinnipiac University's program, where she has spoken of painting and Mexican muralism from the 1930s and contemporary art practice. Of late she added to her studio a production company, KGB STUDIO, in order to incorporate her art practice and interests. In recent years her main concerns involve the relation between Art, Science. and Technology, as well Documentary Film. Katya Gardea Browne is a Mexico City-based artist currently exhibiting her work internationally, spending time between Mexico, New York and Berlin. She is fluent in Spanish, English, and German.
Title - VP, Product Data Science
Company - Salesforce
Location - San Francisco, CA
Industry -
Specialty - Decision Science; Large data management vitamins; relational and non structural data
Hernan Asorey has been in his Professional career for more than 20 years, Currently Hernan is a VP, Product Data Science with a company by the name of Salesforce a global company where his main role is to be responsible for identifying decisions that drives strategy for all different clouds, also provide intelligence for all different businesses, M & A activities. Hernan holds a 2 Masters Degree in Applied Mathematics and a MBA from Stanford University. Magnum Cum Laude. Originally from Argentina Hernan is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English. Hernan does public speaking engagements few conferences, presentations on data science research, also gets invited to do lectures as well. Because Hernan likes to look for every new opportunity and take advantage of anything that comes his way, he feels getting involved in this Profession was a natural progression for him . At this point in Hernan's career he is seeking to network with other like minded Professionals, share expertise , ideas and experiences, be recognized for what he has done thus far. In the next few years Hernan sees himself in a C- Level position, possibly a Chief Analytical Officer, finish up on the book he is currently writing, continue to grow and continue to make a difference is most important. Hernan is most proud of assembling a high performance team from scratch projects on data science experiment, building the largest data warehouse system. Hernan bases his success on being relentless, never giving up, creativity coming from a very humble upbringing. Aside from Hernan's professionalism he is highly involved in volunteering and giving back by creating school for under privileged people.
Title - Founder
Company - EvolveGene
Location - Tampa, Florida
Industry - Biotechnology
Specialty - Business Strategy; Molecular Genetics; Human Genetics; Infertility; Biotechnology; Healthcare; DNA Sequencing; Genetics
Ami Mezezi, a genetics and biotechnology expert, co-founded his company, EvolveGene, in 2015. EvolveGene is built on over 25 years of expertise in the field of human reproductive medicine with a scientific team of world leading embryologists, geneticists and fertility experts. The EvolveGene mission is to bring a new perspective to fertility and reproductive care through accurate and advanced genetic screening. Ami graduated with a Bachelors degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics from the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. He then went on to receive his Masters degree in Biomedical Research from Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia and a Masters degree in Physiology from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. Through his experience with and knowledge of genetics and reproductive medicine, he c0-founded his ompany that has since proved successful. Headquartered in the US, EvolveGene has offices in Canada, Belgium and Hong Kong and over 90 distributors worldwide. Ami foresees continual growth as the company continues to develop new innovative products and genetic screens. EvolveGene offers comprehensive preconception and prenatal screens during any reproductive stage. Through the latest, specialized technologies, such as Next Generation Sequencing and in-depth chromosomal analysis, EvolveGene delivers superior reproductive genetic screening. The company is also committed to advancing the fields of reproductive medicine, reproductive genetics and In-Vitro Fertilization through innovative research. EvolveGene is part of IRB approved research studies in the US and Canada in conjunction with their scientific team to achieve these goals.
Title - CEO
Company - COVERSA
Location - Kansas City, Missouri
Industry - Non-Profit
Specialty - Hospitals; Medicine; Healthcare Management; Medical Education; Fundraising; Non-Profits; Public Speaking
Dr. Rebecca Hierholzer has a laudable educational background. She earned her combined B.A. and M.D. at the University of Missouri Kansas City School of Medicine in 1981. She completed her internship and residency in Emergency Medicine at Truman Medical Center in Kansas City. She earned her MBA in Healthcare from American Intercontinental University in 2005. She is licensed in Missouri and Kansas, and is board-certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine. Additionally, she is certified in advanced cardiovascular life support (ACLS) and pediatric advanced life support (PALS). University of Missouri has designated her as a Clinical Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine. Dr. Hierholzer is founder and chief executive officer as well as Medical Director of COVERSA (Collection of Victim Evidence Regarding Sexual Assault), a nonprofit organization that she established in 2000. Her foundation is dedicated to providing post-sexual assault patient care. COVERSA provides the services of SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners) to area hospitals and medical centers in Kansas and Missouri. Their offices are located at 2900 Clay Edwards Drive, Suite 205, NKC, MO 64116 and 1317 W 13th Terrace, Level 3 A, Kansas City, MO 64102. You can find them at www.coversa.org or on Facebook, and they currently provide services at North Kansas City Hospital, Centerpoint Medical Center, St. Joseph Health Center, Cass Regional Hospital, Ray County Hospital, Lafayette Regional Hospital, Liberty Hospital, Research Medical Center, Belton Medical Center, Overland Park Medical Center, Olathe Medical Center, Excelsior Springs Medical Center, Lees Summit Medical Center and Western Missouri Medical Center. She is active member in the Kansas City Medical Society, the Missouri State Medical Association and represents Missouri as a delegate to the American Medical Association, a life time member of the International Association of Forensic Nurses, a member and fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians and member in Missouri and Kansas State ACEP groups and also the Forensic Section. Dr. Hierholzer was named Emergency Physician of the Year (2010) by the Missouri Emergency Nurses Association. Also Woman of the Year (2012) by the National Association of Professional Women, Physician of the Year (2012) by Continental Who’s Who, Rising Star (2014) by Non-Profit Connect, Member of the Year (2014) by Bristol Who’s Who, Woman of Outstanding Leadership (2014) by the International Women’s Leadership Association. Also received the Community Service Award (2015) from the Kansas City Medical Society.
Title - CEO
Company - Oculus Studio
Location - Pheonix, AZ
Industry -
Specialty - Architecture; Solar; Innovation; Sustainable Design; Product Development
Jesse Henson is an accomplished architect and designer who has been practicing architecture for over 25 years, and has been active in the solar industry for over 14 years. In 2009, he co-founded Oculus Studio (OS) with a focus on projects that realize the feasibility of sustainable design. OS has a multi-disciplinary approach of architecture, planning, engineering, and renewable energy that leads to best project outcomes and results. Jesse's key responsibilities involve new business, client relations, new product development, maintaining successful profitability, and overseeing staff productivity and efficiency. Indeed, he provides detail-oriented consulting related to architecture for what is a project-oriented business, combining a background of top design with building science. Jesse graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from Rhode Island School of Design and earned his graduate degree in Building Science from Arizona State University in 2004. He also studied for a year in Rome where he was able to sketch and draw extensively in inspiring settings and learn to speak Italian. In fact, the company name was inspired by the oculus of the Pantheon. Throughout his education and subsequently in his career, Jesse has focused on attaining a balance of both technical and design sides. He has lectured and given talks at American Solar Energy Society and is a national board member of NCARB - National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, and previously served in the City of Scottsdale Green Building Association. Originally, Jesse was drawn to this field as it allows the opportunity to make the world a better place by giving it form. He sees design as transformative and facilitative for positive change. He has been a pioneer in developing solar carport concepts as exemplified by the award winning Kyocera Solar Grove, located at Koycera’s North American Corporate Headquarters in San Diego, CA. Certainly, Jesse excels in the business aspects of his role, knows what he does very well and is an expert in his field, all of which he parlays into generating new business for the company. Design is his core strength with both solar and architectural expertise, which allows him to straddle two worlds. In addition, he has written magazine articles for industry publications, such as American Institute of Architects' Architect Magazine, Architect Record, and Solar Pro. Tenacious and a lifelong learner, Jesse is always approaching new challenges, stepping outside of his comfort zone, and catalyzing change. He is proud to be apart of the OS launch of a new product service, Active Shade, for which they have a trademark and patent. He is keen to network, increase exposure, enhance his branding and make quality connections. When he's not working, Jesse enjoys being in the outdoors and in the ocean, kayaking, hiking, and spending time with his family. He is the proud father of three daughters, ages two, five, and seven. Jesse loves to cook and supports NPR.
Title - Professor Emeritus of Medicine and Dentistry
Company - University of Aberdeen
Location - Stonehaven
Industry -
Specialty - Biomedical Engineering; Biomechanics; Research; Science; Statistics; Human Factors; Experimental Design; Clinical Research; Experimentation; Qualitative Research; Research Design; Teaching; Data Analysis; Medical Devices
Malcolm Pope is the professor emeritus of medicine and dentistry at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. He has more than 30 years of experience in teaching, engineering, and medical research.He fluently speaks English and Swedish. As a professor, he speaks often to medical students throughout Europe and in China. He is an active member of the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Royal British Legion (an organization servicing ex-servicemen), and his local Rotary Club, as well. Malcolm earned an M.D. from Gothenburg University and a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering and biomedical engineering from the University of Vermont in 1969. He has written and been published in more than 10 medical research books, including “The Effects of Helicopter Vibrations on the Spinal System” (1985), “Occupational Low Back Pain” (1991), and “Musculoskeletal Disorders in the Workplace” (2006). Additionally, he has written about medicine and engineering for more 350 scholarly journals. In the future, Malcolm hopes to continue mentoring medical students in collaboration with his international medical professional acquaintances. He has been honored with the Kappa Delta Award by the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Volvo Award, a lifetime achievement award from ISSLS (1980). Malcolm attributes his success to good luck, his family’s support, and not having paid any money for the entire breadth of his education.
Title - Owner
Company - Landshark Fitness, Atlas of Giving
Location - San Antonio, Texas
Industry - Non-Profit Organization Management
Specialty - Philanthropy; Fundraising; Planned Giving; Annual Giving; Nonprofits; Public Speaking; Charities; Strategic Planning; Leadership; Volunteer Management; Board Development; Strategy; Marketing; Program Management; Stewardship; Budgets; Public Relations; Program Development; Community Development; Grant Writing; Campaign Strategies; Event Planning; Start-ups
Rob Mitchell is the Owner of Landshark Fitness, a full service fitness facility in NW Corpus Christi. He is also founder and CEO of Atlas of Giving - the only monthly estimate and forecast of US charitable giving by sector, source, and state in the US. Atlas of Giving also offers its customers a custom financial forecast of charitable giving by sector, source and state in the U.S. Rob is also serving as the unpaid CEO of San Antonio Pets Alive! - a young organization with the goal of making San Antonio, the largest 'no kill' city in America. He is also CEO of the Ultimate Giveback an online startup that will fundamentally change how corporate charitable giving is done in the US. Mitchell's main area of expertise is nonprofit management and fundraising. He was previously President of the American Cancer Society Foundation (National) Atlanta from 2002-2009, and Chief Development Officer of American Cancer Society Inc, (National Home Office) Atlanta, GA. Mitchell received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems and marketing from Baylor University Hankamer School of Business. Outside of work he enjoys physics, personal exercise, and entrepreneurship. Rob is immediate past board chair for the San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind and currently serves on the board of San Antonio Pets Alive!
Title - Writer
Company - Self
Location - Montibello, NY
Industry - Writing and Editing
Specialty - Creative Writing; Editing; Publishing; Public Speaking; Freelance Writing; Editorial; Research; Social Media; Publications; Biochemistry; Teaching
Barry Gold is an American scientist turned writer. He currently works as an independent writer, and authored "Operation Independence Day.” He is currently working on a book about drugs and similar alternatives found in plants titled "Wild Prescriptions.” Barry received his Ph.D. in Pharmacology from Boston University and held a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Yale University School of Medicine. He is a lifelong member of The American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics. Outside of work he enjoys woodwork and bee keeping.
Title - President
Company - Garden Solar LLC
Location - Ashburn, VA
Industry - Renewables & Environment
Specialty - Renewable Energy; Power Generation; Energy Storage; Water; Utilities; Infrastructure; Business Development,; Market Strategy; Consulting; Project Development; Project Management; Project Finance; Due Diligence; Contract Negotiation; Acquisitions; Strategic Planning; Financial Analysis & Modeling; Power Purchasing; Contracts; Asset Management; Solar; Wind; Natural Gas; Biomass; Fuels Cells
Brian J. Fratus is President of Garden Solar LLC, which he founded in November 2009 to develop utility scale, grid connected PV solar projects in select U.S. markets. As project developer, he executes the process of electrical interconnection and obtains authorization to construct ground mounted PV solar installations. He pursues and arranges financing for project development and construction activities. Currently, Brian has 42 MW of PV solar projects completed and an additional 8 MW completed or near completion. Brian has negotiated asset purchase agreements and joint development agreements for asset transactions and advisory services with large U.S. utility holding company subsidiaries and Chinese investor groups. He negotiated power purchase and renewable energy credit structures with third party market makers and engineering, procurement, and construction contracts. He has recently undertaken development of commercial and industrial solar projects combined with energy storage facilities as the electricity grid becomes more decentralized. Prior to founding his company, Brian was the Director of Project Development for International Power America, Inc. where he led all aspects of power project development activities primarily in the Eastern United States in traditional fossil power generation, such as gas turbine technology and renewables in biomass, wind and solar technologies. Well-versed in entrepreneurial business development, Brian has over 25 years of U.S. and international experience in business and project development, acquisitions, finance, asset management and consulting with leading energy sector firms involving over $4 billion of investment in fossil and renewable power. His strong work ethic and ambition propel him to excel. Brian received his B.A. from George Mason University in International Studies concentrated in Economics in 1984 and subsequently pursued additional studies toward a B.S. degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering. He received his M.A. in Economics concentrated in Finance from Virginia Tech in 1994. His thesis was published and focuses on Rational Asset Pricing: Book to Market Equity Ratio as a Proxy for Risk in Utility Stocks.. He completed at Villanova University a project management certification program and a solar power plant design program at University of Wisconsin. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family and coaching his daughters soccer team, as well as teaching them how to play chess. Brian believes that skill can be taught but the fundamentals are what is key to winning in sports and in life.
Title - CMO & SVP Niche Media
Company - Chicago Tribune Media Group
Location - Chicago, IL
Industry - Publishing
Specialty - Marketing; Digital Media; Integrated Media; Broadcast; Creative Direction; Digital Marketing; Newspapers; Media Planning; Online Advertising; New Media; Strategic Planning; Broadcast Television; Social Media Marketing; Advertising; Creative Strategy; Brand Management; Marketing Management; Marketing Strategy; Newspaper; Social Media
Joseph A. Schiltz is CMO & SVP Niche Media for the Chicago Tribune Media Group. He has worked for the company for seven years and been in his current role since 2012. In this role, he is responsible for overseeing business development, identifying new revenue strains, manufacturing innovation pipeline of opportunity, creating new services, marketing, and more. Joseph started his career in television, but was intrigued by the opportunity to develop the next generation of newspapers. Tenacious, creative, and adaptable, Joseph is always catalyzing positive change and staying abreast of evolving media trends. In the next few years, he hopes to step into a higher level position where he can face new challenges and take on more responsibility. A graduate of the University of Tennessee, Joseph has a BS in Communication and Marketing. He is affiliated with INMA and Playworks, and is eager to network and make connections that may boost opportunity. He is the proud father of three sons and enjoys boating, hiking, skeet shooting, and trap shooting.
Title - Deputy Principal
Company - Epping Boys High School
Location - East Gosford, NSW
Industry - Education Management
Specialty - Deputy Principal; Teacher
Maurice Ian Lowcock is Deputy Principal at Epping Boys High School where he is responsible for over 1150 students, faculty and staff, administration, discipline, coordinating parent teacher conferences, trip planning, curriculum, teacher evaluations, and teacher development. He has 38 years of experience in the education profession having taught in various secondary schools: all girls, all boys, rural, selective. Before embarking on education administration, Maurice taught Japanese, French, ESL, History, and English as well as coached volleyball, basketball and tennis. He has been in his current position at Epping since 2010. Maurice was inspired to become a teacher by his teachers at school and by two of his six siblings, both of whom are teachers. Following in their footsteps, he received his Bachelors degree in Arts and Diploma of Education from the University of Newcastle, class of 1979, in preparation for his extensive career. Always looking for new challenges, Maurice is interested in furthering his studies, to give back to the teaching community, and teach at the university level to guide and advise future teachers. He is affiliated with New South Wales Deputy Principals Association and enjoys playing competition tennis, reading, and fine wine.
Title - Founder
Company - Thai Taco
Location - Ventura, CA
Industry - Leisure, Travel & Tourism
Specialty - Fusion Eatery/ International Entrepreneur and International Sr. Well Engineer Consultant/Offshore Well Work
Mr. Ronald Dorovi is an International Sr. Well Engineer Consultant. He has a Petroleum Engineering degree and 30+ years in the Drilling industry worldwide. His career began as an employee of Chevron for 15 years. He then became a successful Independent Well Work Consultant. His focus is on International, Offshore, Subsea and Deepwater well work projects. Ron has been involved with some of the most complicated oil well drilling ventures in the world. He has successfully contributed to several projects and countries including: Gulf of Mexico, Offshore California, Offshore Atlantic Canada, Gulf of Thailand, South China Sea, Geothermal Indonesia, Geothermal US Basin and Range, remote Myanmar, urban Los Angeles, and in the rugged, cold weather environs of the US Rocky Mountains and Kazakhstan. Ron is the owner of DOROVICO INTERNATIONAL anIndependent International Well Engineering Consulting firm. Ron has performed and directing in the office and field as a Drilling Engineer, Operations Engineer, Drilling Supervisor and Drilling Consultant. His goals are to continue to contribute to the technological challenges of the energy arena. As an experienced traveler, Ron discovered Phuket, Thailand and has lived there for over 20 years. Ron is also a budding entrepreneur and owner of THAI TACO. THAI TACO is gastronomic delicacy, a fusion of THAI and MEXICAN flavors. This marriage of Thai and Mexican has gained international acclaim. Ron is looking to share the incredibly tasty THAI TACO with the United States, Australia, England and Canada in the coming years.
Title - CEO
Company - Vet Fed Resources, Inc/ Martin Blank Assoc. LLC
Location - Alexandria, VA
Industry - Information Technology and Services
Specialty - Policy; Healthcare; Strategic Planning; Proposal Writing; Government; Program Management; Management; Military; Defense; Business Development; Healthcare Information; Healthcare Management; Managed Care; Security; Hospitals; Leadership; Executive Management; Clinical Research; Start-ups
Al Giambone is Co-founder and CEO of Martin, Blanck & Associates, a federal health services consulting firm based in Alexandria, Virginia. He provides health care policy, management, strategic planning, and business development advice to local, national and international organizations within the private and public sector alike. He specializes in procurement strategy and proposal management services to successfully capture contracts in the federal health sector. Since 2000, Mr. Giambone has played a major role in securing over $30 billion in contracts for his clients. In May 1998, Mr. Giambone retired from the U.S. Army at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., as Chief of Staff and Senior Policy Advisor to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs. In this role, he served as the personal and principal advisor to the nation’s most senior military health care official. Mr. Giambone advised the Assistant Secretary on all health care and operational policies and was responsible to the Department, the Administration, and Congress for critical issues such as TRICARE, the Department’s managed care reform effort. He also managed the policy formulation process within Health Affairs to include all strategic planning activities and was responsible for developing and coordinating the legislative strategy and activities.
Title - Chief Financial Officer
Company - radius financial group inc.
Location - Boston, MA
Industry - Real Estate
Specialty - CPA; Chief Financial Officer; Mortgage Specialist
Mr. John J. Lynah, is the CPA, Chief Financial Officer and Licensed Mortgage Specialist, with Radius Financial Group. The company is located in the Boston Massachusetts, Area. He has a wealth of Financial Services experience, spanning 25 years both in the US and Europe. He has worked at Barclays PLC in New York and London. John is a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Massachusetts, and an active member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). He is also an active member of the Massachusetts Society of Certified Public Accountants (MSCPA). John has been instrumental in reinforcing the companies financial controls and policies. His Global experience in Financial Services gives him a unique perspective on how to get things done and done well.
Title - Director, Retail Accounting
Company - Ahold USA Retail
Location - Harrisburg, PA
Industry - Financial Services
Specialty - Accounting; Finance; P&L; Payroll; Inventory Management; Customer Service; Financial Reporting; Budgeting; Internal Controls; Business Development; Project Management; Internal Audit; Internal Controls; Financial Accounting; Managerial Finance; Cost Accounting; Account Reconciliation; Leadership Management; Team Building; International Relations; International Business; Food & Beverage; Cash Flow; Forecasting
Mark Walker is Director of Retail Accounting for Ahold USA retail where he oversees $27 billion in sales throughout 800 retail locations on the east coast. He specializes in accounting, P&L, budgeting, financial accounting, business development, cash flow, international relations, financial reporting, internal controls, forecasting, inventory management, payroll, and more. He believes in building and nurturing strong personal relationships and lifelong learning. He is also Adjunct Professor at the Elizabethtown College where he lectures on accounting and finance. Mark is affiliated with National Black MBA Association and Habitat for Humanity. Mark began his educational career at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University obtaining a Bachelor’s of Science in Finance. He continued his education at the West Virginia University receiving a Masters of Business Administration. Mark has always had a strong interest in business and decided to pursue a career in the financial sector. Mark started his professional career with Footlocker as Manager of Inventory, Banking and Payroll. Within a three year period, he was responsible for the largest cost savings to date, accumulating over $12 million in savings. Soon after Mark began his career with Ahold as Manager of Retail Accounting, Mark quickly became Senior Manager of Retail Accounting, and in 2008 became Director of Retail Accounting.
Title - VP & General Counsel
Company - Project Management Institute
Location - Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
Industry - Non-Profit Organization Management
Specialty - Legal; Legal Contracts; Compliance; Project management; Managing subsidiaries
William Scarborough VP & General Counsel is the Project Management Institute. He previously was a partner in the Philadelphia law firm of Stradley, Ronon, Stevens& Young before coming to PMI. William received his Juris Doctorate from Duke University. Undergraduate he graduated from Dickinson College with Honors in Political Science. He attended Dickinson’s program in Bologna Italy, his junior year. The keys to his success have been doing the right thing and having a lot of support. One highlight of his career was being featured in the ASAE magazine in April. William has been published numerous times in the ASAE magazine as well as PMI's monthly magazine. Outside of work he enjoys traveling, reading, and running.
Title - Vice President, Global Quality
Company - Coloplast A/S
Location - Humlebaek
Industry - Medical Devices
Specialty - Quality Assurance; Informatics; Process Improvement; Quality Management; Kanban; ERP; R&D; Value Stream Mapping; Logistics; Quality Control; SMED; Lean Transformation; Lean Manufacturing; Continuous Improvement; Change Management; Quality System; Medical Devices; Kaizen
Camilla Hjort Pagh is Vice President, Global Quality for Coloplast A/S, an international leader in supplying intimate healthcare products and services. Camilla is skilled at quality assurance, informatics, process improvement, quality management, Kanban, ERP, R&D, value stream mapping, SMED, lean transformation and manufacturing, and Kaizen. She is Six Sigma certified and is fluent in Danish and English. Camilla has worked in the medical devices industry for almost 20 years; most of that time, she has worked for Coloplast in various managerial positions. She has a Bachelors in Production and Logistics from Danmarks Tekniske Universitet and is affiliated with Lean Business System Nordic and Lean Practitioners. She is the proud mother of two children and is wife to a loving and supportive husband. When she is not working or spending time with family, Camilla enjoys traveling and staying fit and balanced.
Title - Regional Director
Company - AIA Group
Location - Singapore
Industry - Insurance
Specialty - Regional Director
Surendra Menon is the Regional Director of AIA Group. He was a deputy C.E.O. of AIA's subgroup for sometime, before becoming the Regional Director in 2013. He is a subject matter expert for bank insurance distribution, and oversees 14 countries. He has to support and ensures that the teams are delivering insurance products for banks and are meeting the bank's need. Surendra oversees 14 country heads and advises them on new deals, measures business potential, advises the country heads and banks the finical risks for insurance, analysis performance, and ensures that teams are performing to the highest level of potential. Surendra is determined, passionate, motivated, persistent, and does not believe in giving up. He has a vast set of skills that he has been able to apply in order to succeed. Outside of work he enjoys traveling and golf.