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Amine Daouk
Makassed Philanthropic Islamic Association of Beirut
Location : Beruit, Alabama,
Specialization: Structural engineering; Civil engineering; Material Engineering
Education: Bradford College
DLC(Hons)- Civil Engineering- Loughborough University (College of Technology), 1960; BE&C- Civil Engineering and Building Materials- Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1964
Industry: Accounting
Year of Experience : More Than 25 Years


Amine Daouk has been President of the Makassed Philanthropic Islamic Association of Beirut since 2000. Makassed, established in 1878, is a charitable humanitarian association that aims to develop the human being and enabling them to build a country and cope with modernization through knowledge and faith. Throughout the day Amine attends meetings, providing assistance to his community, acts as a means of communication between the chains of leadership within the Association, and provides a sense of direction for the Association to strive for in helping as many individuals as possible. Amine was also a Civil Engineer, and Senior Lecture for the American University of Beirut teaching Architecture. As a professional and social activist Amine had a sense of community involvement which prompted him to become president of the Association. He has made it a mission to continue the endeavors of the 137 years old association some of which include providing free schooling for girls and future mothers, providing healthcare through Makassed General Hospital, est 1932, a University Hospital with outreach health centers all over the country. His dedication and values has motivated him to help this association grow. In the future Amine will be looking forward to retiring and start enjoying golf.