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Anas Hamed
Location : Santiago, ,
Specialization: Mining
Education: Harvard Business School; University of New South Wales; University of Jordan
Masters- Engineering; B.SC- Civil Engineering
Industry: Mining & Metals
Year of Experience : 16-20_Years


Anas is the founder of Linova International. He started the company in 2001. He has been in charge of establishing several offices around the globe. He has lived and done business in more than nine countries from Middle East & Africa to Latin America and Australia. Anas's primary focus is on the steel industry. In 2001 Anas felt like he could no longer work for the Nuqul Group (no other company for that matter). Anas really wanted to venture out on his own to work for himself. The key to his success over the years has been his resilience and the fact that he always rises to the occasion. Anas is also very flexible with understanding other cultures. Anas would like to see himself going into venture capital and becoming a mentor over the next four to five years. He would also like to develop himself more and continue to expand his business. He knows five languages (French, Portuguese, Spanish, English, and Arabic), and he just started in 2015 a charitable organization called “Children’s Hope Foundation". This foundation focuses on breaking the cycle of poverty through education.