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Sumaya Sumaidaa
GP Dentist
Ambulatory Healthcare Services- UAE
Location : Abu Dhabi, ,
Specialization: Dentistry; Dental Surgery; Writing; Leadership; Publishing; Personal Development
Education: University of Otago
Bachelors- Dental Surgery- University of Otago
Industry: Health, Wellness and Fitness
Year of Experience : 1-5_Years


Sumaya Sumaidaa is GP Dentist at the Ambulatory Healthcare Services of UAE. Her everyday responsibilities include general procedure work, arranging conferences, and being responsible for the patients safety network i.e. if any accidents happen she is responsible for publishing the corrective action plan. In November 2015, Sumaya has two lectures planned for a small GPD Program. The highlight of Sumaya's career thus far is graduating from Otago University in New Zealand and returning back to Abu Dhabi where she is now involved with her local community. She feels that she's building herself to be an effective member of the community and an effective leader. Sumaya was inspired to get involved in the profession by her desire to help people. She enjoys working with people daily and believes the key to her success is her love of life. Over the next few years, Sumaya wants to lead a local organization in Abu Dhabi—she is currently in the process of taking a leadership position. Additionally, she would like to get more involved with volunteering and humanitarian work. Look for Sumaya in Sail Magazine, an online magazine, where she publishes personal development and inspirational articles. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing, and traveling.