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Diogenes Uceda
Senior Process Engineer
Location : Sudbury, ,
Specialization: Mineral Processing; Metallurgy; Mining; Minerals; Engineering; Six Sigma; Gold, Copper and Nickel; Process Improvement
Education: Missouri University of Science and Technology; Universidad Tecnológica del Cibao; Colorado School of Mines
PhD in Electrometallurgy, Missouri University of Science and Technology, 1984 – 1988; Master of Science in Financial Management, Universidad Tecnológica del Cibao, 1999 – 2001; Master of Science in Metallurgical Engineering, Colorado School of Mines, 1974 – 1976; Diploma in Physical Metallurgy (Quinto Curso Panamericano de Metalurgia / Fifth Pan-American Metallurgy Course) National Atomic Energy Commission, 1967 – 1967; Degree in Metallurgical Engineering, Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, 1963 – 1967
Year of Experience : more_than_25_years


Diogenes Uceda is a highly accomplished senior metallurgical and process engineer with over 25 years of international management experience in Mineral Processing, Mining, Hydrometallurgy, Electrometallurgy and Pyrometallurgy. His areas of expertise include mineral processing and environmental management, metallurgy, solving technical problems related to the mining and metallurgical industry, process improvement, and Six Sigma. Originally from Peru, Diogenes has an impressive educational background starting with earning his Degree in Metallurgical Engineering at Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería in 1967 and a Diploma in Physical Metallurgy (Quinto Curso Panamericano de Metalurgia / Fifth Pan-American Metallurgy Course) as part of the National Atomic Energy Commission in 1967. Diogenes graduated with a PhD in Electrometallurgy from Missouri University of Science and Technology in 1989. He earned both a Master of Science in Financial Management at Universidad Tecnológica del Cibao in 2001, and a Master of Science in Metallurgical Engineering at Colorado School of Mines in 1976. He is a Six Sigma Brown Belt and has completed several additional certifications and coursework. Growing up in Peru, Diogenes discovered that mining was a very important field so he wanted to study mineral processing. As he was a good student, the mining profession was a natural fit for him. He started out his career as a Senior Metallurgist at Cerro Verde Mine in Peru. Currently, Diogenes is working as an independent contractor and is looking to work at an engineering company. His prior role was Process Engineer at United Commodity in Ontario, Canada, providing technical support to the company's operations and overseeing the technology development and engineering of the Yukon refinery. In addition, he is writing a book in Spanish that he will have translated to English. He is fluent in English and Spanish and speaks some French. Throughout his career, Diogenes has achieved tremendous success in global business settings, working with diverse cultures and countries including the U.S., Peru, Dominican Republic, Australia, Argentina, Brazil and Canada, at metallurgical operations both large and small. The key to his success is determination, a good education and the passion he has for his field. Indeed, Diogenes loves working in mining and metallurgy. He excels at driving more efficient operations through improved process performance and six sigma methodology, research and development, and enhancing procedures and cost savings. Diogenes strives to be an innovative change agent in order to deliver new ideas critical to the modern mining and metallurgical industry. When he's not working, Diogenes enjoys reading and travel, especially to Europe with his son. He also supports The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.