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Rafael Plastina
Sport Track
Location : Sao Paolo, ,
Specialization: Marketing
Education: Ohio University; ESMA - Escuela Superior de Marketing y Administraccion Mestre; Universidade Federal da Bahia
Masters Degree, Sports Administration and Facility Management, Ohio University (2000-2001); Marketing Degree, ESMA - Escuela Superior de Marketing y Administraccion Mestre (1998-1999); Bachelors Degree, Universidade Federal da Bahia (1991-1995)
Year of Experience : 16-20_Years


Rafael Plastina received a masters degree in Sports Administration and Facility Management from Ohio University in 2001. He went on to start a successful research and marketing company by the name of Sport Track. He later sold the business in 2012 but remained the Director until 2016. The company's main operations takes place in Brazil but is starting to expand into Mexico. Mr. Plastina currently works as a Professor. His proficiency does not stop at the teaching level as he previously practiced law when he worked as an attorney in 1998. However it was Mr. Plastinas love for sports that drove his career change. Mr. Plastina began to study marketing in Barcelona, Spain and then continued his studies at one of the most prestigious sports marketing programs at Ohio State University. In the next 3-5 years, Mr. Plastina would like to further share his expertise and start consulting for his clients in addition to simultaneously working with start-up companies. The key to Mr. Plastina's success is his discipline and expertise. One of his greatest professional accomplishments and proudest moments was being able to share his knowledge with his students. He gives back by stimulating ideas and spreading invaluable knowledge with the Brazil community where the industry was not as developed at the time. Rafael Plastina has had a profound impact on the sports marketing industry in Brazil and will continue to do so for many years to come.