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Hege Bakke-Alisøy
World Heritage Coordinator
Byantikvaren i Bergen
Location : Arnatveit, ,
Specialization: Research
Education: University of Bergen
MA, University of Bergen (2014)
Year of Experience : 11-15_Years


Hege Bakke-Alisøy has had a prestigious career, researching in Norway, as well as Greece. She has always been fascinated by the international aspects of her work. Hege has a strong understanding of the importance of communication, respect, and networking in order to expand in the research field. Hege would like the opportunity to work abroad; however, due to family responsibilities, that has not yet become the reality. Although she has had some setbacks in her expanding, Hege will continue to advance research in her field and share her experience on a global level. Hege is determined to travel internationally and despite working in Greece, the expansion aspect a research developer has always intrigued Hege. Hege had her work published in 2015 by the Norwegian Institute and the research has been recognized. Although the great work is not based on any level of recognition, Hege continues to pursue her aspirations. Hege will continue to share and be fascinated by all aspects of the research community.