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Geoffrey Thompson
Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, Chief of Endocrine Surgery
Mayo Medical Clinic
Location : Rochester, MN,
Specialization: Medicine; Surgery
Education: Drexel University
Doctoral Degree in Endocrine Surgery, Drexel University (1991)
Year of Experience : more_than_25_years


Dr. Geoffrey Thompson is an endocrine surgeon, stationed in Rochester, Minnesota. With 34 years of experience as a surgeon, Dr. Thompson feels privileged to have had all of his years in medicine being served with the Mayo Clinic, which is the nation's largest non-profit medical clinic, academic institution and research organization. On a daily basis, he conducts surgeries that remove or inhibit the growth of hormone-induced tumors involving the endocrine glands. Within his specialization of endocrine surgery, he has conducted thousands of successful tumor removals throughout his career. As a passionate health care professional, Dr. Thompson's main goal with each procedure is to maintain an exceptionally high rate of patient recovery and health following their surgeries. Aside from his daily involvement in conducting medical surgeries, Dr. Thompson is an avid participant in medical research and discoveries. He has a personal catalog of over 200 independent and featured publications, in a wide range of different medical journals. Through his research, he has conducted various case studies through the Mayo Clinic, which have aided in the overall understanding of endocrine malfunctions and tumors within the human body. His works in the World Journal of Surgery in particular has served to educate medical professionals worldwide. Because of his devout work in endocrinology, he currently serves as a member of the editorial board for the World Journal of Surgery. Dr. Thompson took an interest in the medical field at a very young age. As a child, his curiosity was sparked by viewing different family members have operations performed on them. In his spare time, he enjoys gardening, golfing and partaking in photography. Dr. Thompson aspires to become the president of the Association of Endocrine Surgeons Foundation for Research in the near future.