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Hernan Asorey
VP, Product Data Science
Location : San Francisco, CA,
Specialization: Decision Science; Large data management vitamins; relational and non structural data
Education: Standford University
2 Masters; 1 in Applied Mathematics; MBA
Year of Experience : 21-25_Years


Hernan Asorey has been in his Professional career for more than 20 years, Currently Hernan is a VP, Product Data Science with a company by the name of Salesforce a global company where his main role is to be responsible for identifying decisions that drives strategy for all different clouds, also provide intelligence for all different businesses, M & A activities. Hernan holds a 2 Masters Degree in Applied Mathematics and a MBA from Stanford University. Magnum Cum Laude. Originally from Argentina Hernan is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English. Hernan does public speaking engagements few conferences, presentations on data science research, also gets invited to do lectures as well. Because Hernan likes to look for every new opportunity and take advantage of anything that comes his way, he feels getting involved in this Profession was a natural progression for him . At this point in Hernan's career he is seeking to network with other like minded Professionals, share expertise , ideas and experiences, be recognized for what he has done thus far. In the next few years Hernan sees himself in a C- Level position, possibly a Chief Analytical Officer, finish up on the book he is currently writing, continue to grow and continue to make a difference is most important. Hernan is most proud of assembling a high performance team from scratch projects on data science experiment, building the largest data warehouse system. Hernan bases his success on being relentless, never giving up, creativity coming from a very humble upbringing. Aside from Hernan's professionalism he is highly involved in volunteering and giving back by creating school for under privileged people.