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Eliane Fernandes
Executive Manager, Strategy - (SESI/SENAI/IEL)
CNI - Confederação Nacional da Indústria/National Confederation Of Industry
Location : Brasilia, ,
Specialization: Strategic Planning; Corporate Governance; Compliance; General Management; Performance Monitoring Methods; Business Planning; Project Portfolio Management; Organizational development.
Education: SUNY Albany
Master's in Regulatory Planning, SUNY Albany

SUNY Albany
Certificate Geographic Information Systems

SUNY Albany
Statistics - State University of Rio de Janeiro UERJ

Industry: Education
Year of Experience : 21-25 Years


Eliane Fernandes is an accomplished general manager executive with over 20 years of experience in areas such as corporate governance, internal controls, compliance and planning. She had the opportunity to work in the private and public sectors. Since 2012, she has served as Executive Manager, Strategy at the Brazilian National Confederation of Industry – CNI. Eliane's key responsibilities involve strategic planning, budget, monitoring key performance indicators, project management and corporate governance. Her office also proposes guidelines to the National Board of Directors for SESI, SENAI and IEL within the national and state levels. In her professional experience, she has developed, among others, competences in the areas of corporate governance, compliance, internal controls, strategic planning, budget management and monitoring performance in institutions such as: National Confederation of Industry, Brasilprev (Banco do Brasil joint venture with Principal Financial Group), Ministries of Planning and Environment. Eliane graduated with a Master's in Regional Planning and certificate in geographical information systems from SUNY Albany in 1998, and earned a Bachelor's in Statistics at State University of Rio de Janeiro. Eliane likes looking at scenarios around economics and the needs of new development of innovation, and finds it to be a very challenging field. The key to her success thus far is her ability to negotiate and construct new options and to work with groups on solutions. She is confident in her understanding of how to get the organization to the next level. Going forward, Eliane is keen to enhance her network, especially outside Brazil, increase her visibility and branding, and ultimately attain a position abroad. When she's not working, Eliane enjoys reading books about mystery and crimes, watching movies, taking long walks with her dog Gigi, painting with acrylics, and cooking. She likes to experiment with different cuisines, especially Thai and Italian. The Brazilian National Confederation of Industry – CNI. CNI is the official and highest-level organization representing Brazilian industry. Since its founding in 1938, CNI has defended domestic business and manufacturing interests, acting as the main correspondent with the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government, as well as with various organizations and entities in Brazil and around the world. CNI represents Brazil’s 27 state-level federations of industries and 1,245 sectorial employer’s unions, to which almost 700,000 companies are affiliated with. In addition, it directly administers the following organizations: Serviço Social da Indústria – SESI (Social Service of Industry), Serviço Nacional de Aprendizagem Industrial – SENAI (National Service of Industrial Training) and the Euvaldo Lodi Institute – IEL. CNI advances in research, innovation, and technological development of the national industry. Furthermore, it supports initiatives that seek to improve the standing, corporate transparency, and training of workers around the country.