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Virginia Espinosa
Location : Managua, ,
Specialization: Cultural Affairs; Amazon Theater; Direct Theater; Plays; Comedies; Oscar Wilde
Education: Framingham University - Masters Degree;
Masters Degree, Framingham University (2006)
Year of Experience : 11-15_Years


Virginia Espinosa is a career diplomat who has worked in Nicaraguan relations for over 20 years. Virginia has worked on international relations with German, France, Spain and Italy. Since her career in Diplomacy, Virginia has gone on to do many things including writing and directing. Virginia credits her creative experience from Framingham State University where she earned her Master's Degree. Virginia has a heart for the underprivileged and works tirelessly on helping the unrepresented in her country. Virginia is also a 7 year survivor of Breast Cancer and dedicates a large part of her life educating others in early detection. At this time she is travelling the world working on an article about Mary Magdalene Virginia speaks English, French, Spanish, Italian and a bit of French. When she's not dedicated to the needs of her community and focusing on her writing projects, Virginia teaches theatre to the younger generation in her community and frequently directs live plays in her community with a focus on comedy.