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Victor Lebron
Location : , ,
Specialization: History; Teaching; Writing
Education: Interamerican University of Puerto Rico
Ph.D, History, Interamerican University of Puerto Rico (2010)
Year of Experience : 21-25_Years


Victor Lebron is a very educated and distinguished historian, with over 20 years of experiences that can help young politicians, students, and like-minded professionals. With his vast knowledge of history, Victor continues to learn and educate students within his community of Puerto Rico. Victor has chosen to pursue history on a professional level to have an impact on his society by learning the origins of the problems plaguing society today by understanding the history that has lead up to this point. Victor's fascination for history fuels his passion to impact politics in his country and the young minds as well. Victor is now hoping to have an impact on young minds by providing motivation and insight at the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. Victor attributes his success to his focus and passion for history and learning how to use his experience to impact others. Victor loves to read about history as he wishes to learn more about different perspectives also information that can also help him become a successful educator.