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Patricia Portier
Policy Advisor
IBiSA (Institute of a Healthy and Active Living)
Location : , ,
Specialization: Government; Health Science; Policy; Change Management; Research; Sustainability; Coaching; Management
Education: Wageningen University and Research Centre
LLB, Faculty of Law, University of Aruba, 2004 – 2012; Master of Science in Nutrition & Health, Wageningen University and Research Centre, 1984 – 1994
Year of Experience : 16-20_Years


Patricia Portier is an accomplished change management and policy expert with over 20 years of experience in government, research, and sustainability. For the past three years, she has served as Policy Advisor for IBiSA (Institute of a Healthy and Active Living) and for two years prior, she served as Policy advisor for the Minister of Public Health and Sports. Her key responsibilities involve advising the minister on special projects, overseeing the operational side, team management, and policy for health science, sports, and lifestyle. In addition to policy, Patricia's areas of expertise are management, team leadership, coaching, and nutrition. She speaks fluent English, Dutch, Spanish and German, as well as Papiamento, a Creole language. Patty graduated with a Bachelor of Laws from the Faculty of Law at University of Aruba in 2012 and earned a Master of Science in Nutrition & Health at Wageningen University and Research Centre in 1994. There were about 800 students studying at Wageningen and they all benefitted from being internationally educated and she stays in contact with friends who reconnect at LatAm and Caribbean conferences. Originally, Patty wanted to do lab research and had an interest in physical chemistry, but studied both Western and non-Western sciences so she could work anywhere. She started out her career in the Department of Agriculture, Husbandry and Fisheries in Aruba where Patty worked for 15 years, then moving on to the Minister of Health where she oversaw several projects and was their only subject matter expert for health education infrastructure. In addition, Patty was a member of the Royal Association of Engineers. Going forward, she wants to get the institution further established and enhance their health and nutrition directives. Patty is keen to network, increase her exposure, and enhance her branding, and increase quality connections for international conferences, as well. The key to her success is perseverance, not taking 'no' for an answer, her people skills, and her ability to work in both a team and as an individual. Indeed, her dedication over the years has enabled her to foster strong professional relationships in government and beyond. When she's not working, Patty likes going out, dancing, and as a single mom, supports her 9 year old son and his school activities. She also enjoys swimming, aerobics, Zumba, horseback riding and going to the beach. Patty supports various organizations, school sports, and runs or walks benefitting them, as well.