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Babak Yazdani
Head of Global Operations - HISS
Philips Health Solutions
Location : , ,
Specialization: Economics; International Commerce; Program Management; Business Transformation; Logistics
Education: ESMT Berlin
Master's of Science in Economics and International Commerce, Aarhus University (1998); Master's in Business Administration, European School of Management and Technology in Berlin (2010)
Year of Experience : 16-20_Years


Babak Yazdani is the head director of global operations with Philips Health Solutions in Denmark. Philips Health Solutions is one of the world's leading suppliers of medial devices, such as ultrasound, EKG and other prominent types of medical technology. With Philips Healthcare, Mr. Yazdani serves as the primary direct line, responsible for managing over 180 global markets for the distribution of Philips Healthcare Informatics Solutions and Services (HISS). He serves customers from hospitals and clinical organizations globally, establishing business connections across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and beyond. He has been situated with Philips Health Solutions for 6 years, and has acquired executive positions through his tenacity and experience in management and international commerce. Babak contributes his career success to his ability to constantly adapt to the needs of the global medical market, as well as his ability to acquire and use knowledge within his field effectively. His position features travelling between the Netherlands, North America and South America to assess the markets positioned in these areas. Mr. Yazdani was responsible for maintaining steady revenue and managing the flow of over 320 million euros for Philips Healthcare in 2016 alone. The most rewarding aspect of his position is delivering exceptional customer service and product satisfaction to his clients. In his spare time, Babak enjoys partaking in physical activities such as skiing, running, and diving. He also enjoys partaking in philanthropy, as a contributor towards translation and integration support for the Danish Refugee Council. As a result of his expertise and extensive educational background, Babak Yazdani is multilingual; he fluently speaks 3 languages, and has a respectable understanding of 3 others. In the years to come, Babak aspires to continue to serve as a leader in global commerce and business development.