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Angela De Santis
Scientific Director
Location : El Caesar, ,
Specialization: Applied Research
Education: University of Alcalá
PhD, Geography, University of Alcalá (2008)
Year of Experience : 11-15_Years


Angela De Santis graduated from University of Alcalá with a PhD in geography in 2008, with honors. Angela is currently employed as the Scientific Director at Cequa, for the past year. Her main role is to conduct research for the climate change department, the scientific department, global research line, and create guide lines. Angela was prompted to get involved in this profession due to her inquisitive personality, after her degree she found herself in a company which sparked her interest and it became a very natural progression for her. Angela became an expert in applied research as her career took off. She has a number of scientific works published. At this stage in her career, she would like to network with other like minded professionals and collaborate in different areas of expertise. Angela bases her success thus far on being a very reliable and confident person. In the next few years, Angela plans to remain in the field, continue to grow, and make a difference.