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Constance Murray
Associate Professor, Retired
Tulsa Community College
Location : Tulsa, OK,
Specialization: Professor; Knowledge of Instructional Methodologies; Develop Online Courses
Education: Masters Degree, Education, University of Tulsa
Year of Experience : more_than_25_years


Constance Murray is a retired Associate Professor, who worked for Tulsa Community College for over 25 years. During her teaching position there, Ms. Murray reviewed and recommended improvements to curriculums in regard to the subjects of biology and botany. Constance also assisted in research programs; incorporating findings in teaching activities with students and other professors. She also assisted in student registration and recruitment activities in and outside of the college. Constance has a passion for teaching and utilized her vast experience in developing interesting lessons to help students grasp the subject matter easily. She has a complete and thorough knowledge of instructional techniques with biology and botany due to her continued dedication and willingness to acquire skills in that subject area. Constance accredits much of her success to her support system and is motivated by the satisfaction of teaching and supporting students on the path to their professionals’ lives.