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Joan Wohlner
retired school owner and principal
Happily Retired
Location : Stockholm, ,
Specialization: Educational Administration; Managing a school; Teaching (English, History, Math) grades 1 to 9th
Education: Wayne State University
Masters of Art in Speech Pathology, Wayne State University 1970; Bachelors of Art in English, History and Teaching, Brooklyn College 1964
Year of Experience : more_than_25_years


Joan Wohlner, a graduate of Brooklyn College and Wayne State University holds a Bachelors degree in English, History and Teaching and a Masters degree in Speech Pathology. She is an American transplant living "happily retired," in Stockholm, Sweden. She is an innovator who founded the first private, bi-lingual school in Sweden for students returning from the United States to Sweden. She was motivated to start this school because she saw a great need as these returning students were often segregated from the other students, unhappily, upon their return to Sweden. Now, as a result of her efforts and initiative, there are at least 40 of these schools in Sweden. She worked as an English teacher prior to founding her school. She ran her school for 23 years and sold it in 2014 so it continues to serve children. Joan is spending her time with heavy involvement with the American ex pat community's engagement in political activism with the United States current political reality. She plans to get even more deeply involved over the next 3 to 5 years. Joan was very successful with her school and says her stubbornness and hard work and motivation to establish a multi-cultural school for a purpose other than making money made her successful. Her school is her greatest and proudest professional accomplishment. Joan would very much like to connect with members around northern Europe and Germany.