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Lorena Barquin Santillan
Location : Irapuato, ,
Specialization: Ophthalmology; External Pathology
Education: Universidad Salle
Doctor of Ophthalmology, Universidad Salle (1982)
Year of Experience : more_than_25_years


Lorena Barquin Santilla graduated from Universidad Salle, attended 1977-1982, highest degree is a Ophthalmologist Professionally speaking Lorena has more than 33+ years of active experience in her career. Currently Lorena is a working as a Ophthalmologist with ISSSTE in Mexico. Lorena main role is to work with external consultants, handle surgeries, handle medical emergencies, and attend meetings. Lorena also works with external patients, doing treatment and diagnostics. and many other things. All the main functions of an Ophthalmologist. Lorena has been with ISSSTE for the last 28 years and still growing. Lorena was prompted to get involved in this profession, naturally, as her father was Cardiologist, it seems like an easy fit. Lorena's interest and passion lied in Ophthalmology, sticking with that it all became a very natural progression for her and a passion. Lorena became and expert in external pathology as well. In the next few years Lorena plans to continue to grow in this profession. Networking and connecting with other like minded professionals is what is important to Lorena at this stage in her career, being able to share ideas and areas of expertise with other professionals is awesome. Lorena bases her many years of experience on hard work , consistency, passion and drive. Lorena is most proud of having her patients and her peers congratulating her on work she has done , finding that to be one of the most rewarding aspects of this profession.