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Irene De Marchi Zaharija
Assistant Management Communications and Corporate Affairs
Quiñenco S.A.
Location : Santiago, ,
Specialization: Translator
Education: Pontifical Catholic University of Chile
Bachelors Degree at Pontifical Catholic University of Chile
Year of Experience : more_than_25_years


Irene De Marchi Zaharija received her Bachelor’s Degree from Catholic University of Chile with a major in Translator in 1980. Irene has a passion for learning and a specialty in translating French and English languages. Irene said her experience at the Catholic University of Chile was memorable and she learned a lot of valuable information that she incorporates at work daily. Irene works as an Assistant Manager of Communications and Corporate Affairs at Quineco S.A. Company. Irene has been working at the company for eighteen years. Irene's current job duties involve interacting with colleagues at meetings and assisting them with French and English translations. The business is an investment company and Irene interacts with many individuals on a global scale. Irene's motivation, inspiration, and passion for her job go back to her earlier years in life; Spanish is a second language for Irene and a daughter of immigrants. She strives to help other clients and people in general succeed in their daily endeavors. In the next three to five years Irene wants to continue translating with her current company in which she finds very rewarding. Irene's success at work stems from the many positive character traits she possesses; some of the highlights include organization, responsibility, devotion, loyalty, etc. Irene enjoys traveling, reading and writing. She is a member of AMICAM- a charitable organization for a children's hospital. Irene is proud of her charitable contributions and helping children in need.