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Title - Vice President Human Resources
Company - Park Place Dealerships
Location - Dallas, Texas
Industry - Automotive
Specialty - Human Resources; Employee Relations; Talent Management; Performance Management; Team Building; Employee Engagement; Organizational Development; Organizational Effectiveness; Succession Planning; Recruiting; Onboarding; Workforce Planning; Personnel Management
Sherry began her career in Human Resources nearly thirty years ago after working in various customer facing roles within the insurance industry. A valued colleague and mentor suggested that she round out her skill set and focus on employee relations. Sherry accepted a role as an HR Manager in the oil and gas industry and went back to school to obtain her masters degree in organizational management with a focus on organizational strategy. From oil and gas to software to high tech - Sherry found her passion was in organizations where she could make a difference and move the needle. She was offered a position as Vice President of Human Resources with Park Place Dealerships in 2003 which she readily accepted as she felt her experience and skills would be best served in transforming a dealership group to be extraordinary in their space. The dealership group currently has 18 different franchises with over 1900 employees offering several high end brands: such as Bentley, Jaguar, Lexus, Lotus, Maserati, Mclaren, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Bugatti, Infiniti, and Volvo. Sherry manages a team of 25, and is the head of HR strategies, onboarding processes, organizational development, training, performance management and general HR laws and regulations. She reports directly to the Chairman/CEO. Sherry attributes her success to her ability to hire the right people, in the right seats, providing them with the tools and resources to be successful and an environment where they can learn and grow. She believes that investing in people will ultimately make the most difference in the company's success. Park Place Dealerships has been in the Dallas Morning News Top 100 Best Companies to Work For the past six years in a row. In her free time Sherry is active in volunteer opportunities through her company, as well as a passion for Caribbean travel, diving, water skiing, and stand-up paddle boarding. Sherry is excited to network with other individuals who are also interested in human relations and looks forward to sharing her expertise.
Title - President & Chief Technologist
Company - White IEQ Consulting
Location - Midland
Industry -
Specialty - Consultant
Curtis White is Chairperson at Independent Commission for Improvement of Healthcare in the VA and DOD Healthcare Systems where he organizes and implements vetting sessions and implementation strategies for new technologies, products, and services. He is also President and Chief Technologist at White IEQ Consulting where he manages and consults on matters of microbiological control and testifies in legal cases regarding building condition. With more than 50 years of lab and field experience in the chemical and mechanical methods of controlling problems and utilizing helpful microorganisms in all kinds of products, processes, built environments, and healthcare settings. Curtis is committed to working with clients and finding the most effective and economical ways to deal with their microbiological problems or microbial control product ideas. He received his Bachelors and Masters in Biology, Chemistry, and Microbiology at Central Michigan University before obtaining his Doctorate in Commercial Science. Curtis has published over two hundred papers and presentations on microbiological topics worldwide dealing with standards, trade association topics, academic venues, and for governmental agencies globally. Curtis sits on the Boards of Whoosh of Toronto Canada, Dendritech of Midland Michigan, X-Microbe of Midland Michigan, Microbe Free Solutions of Bend Oregon, Nano-Tech of Jupitar Florida, and Big Red of Singapore. Curtis hopes to provide clients with technology, products, services, and business capabilities to profitably provide useful goods and services to reduce disease and preserve useful consumer and construction products He is also President and Chief Technologist at White IEQ Consulting where he manages and consults on matters of microbiological control and testifies in legal cases regarding building condition. With more than 50 years of lab and field experience in the chemical and mechanical methods of controlling problems and utilizing helpful microorganisms in all kinds of products, processes, built environments, and healthcare settings. Curtis is committed to working with clients and finding the most effective and economical ways to deal with their microbiological problems or microbial control product ideas. He received his Bachelors and Masters in Biology, Chemistry, and Microbiology at Central Michigan University before obtaining his Doctorate in Commercial Science. Curtis has published over two hundred papers and presentations on microbiological topics worldwide dealing with standards, trade association topics, academic venues, and for governmental agencies globally. Curtis hopes to provide clients with technology, products, services, and business capabilities to profitably provide useful goods and services to reduce disease and preserve useful consumer and construction products.
Title - Partner; Managing Director
Company - Krane Fund Advisors, LLC
Location - Irvine, California
Industry - Financial Services
Specialty - Trading; Equities; Hedge funds; Investments; Funding; Strategy; Business Development; Entrepreneurship; IPO; Consulting; Training
Mark Schlarbaum is a Partner and Managing Director at Krane Fund Advisors, LLC, a provider of China-focused Exchange Traded Funds. He is in charge of managing Grow Assets of Krane Shares & Building Brand awareness, as well as handling legal amenities. Mark specializes in creating investment strategies. Considered one of the world’s most respected experts, Mark offers trading cost and desk design consulting services, training, and speaking engagements. Before moving to Krane, Mark worked as Principal of Business Development for Trident Drisctributian Partners. He received his Bachelors in Psychology and Economics from Purdue in 1992. Mark is affiliated with the California Hedge Fund Association and Donates to House of Ruth in Baltimore. During his free time mark enjoys competitive tennis, traveling and fitness. Mark is excited to share his experiences in investment strategies and hopes to meet other like-minded individuals.
Title - Director of Business Development
Company - Technology Industry Professonal Services LLC
Location - Lexington, SC
Industry -
Specialty - Contract Management
Mike Robinson is Program/Project Manager for Technology Industry Professional Services LLC. He is a results-oriented professional with government and commercial experience offering over 30 years of success managing all aspects of procurements, contracts, operations, maintenance, and training. Education and experience denote a proven track record of applying appropriate and practical methodologies that meet business needs while minimizing risks. Mike is adroit at developing and launching organizational development initiatives in cooperation with innovative plans for quality improvements and strategic visions. He possess a valuable blending of leadership, creativity and analytical abilities to produce bottom-line results. He received his MBA from Colorado Technical University and is affiliated with the Hall of Fame Foundation. When not working, Mike enjoys playing golf.
Title - Director of Business Development
Company - Technology Industry Professonal Services LLC
Location - Miami, FL
Industry - Accounting
Specialty - Accounting, Cash management, Human Resources, Budgeting
Ada is Controller for Mallah Furman & Company PA. She earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Accounting with a Minor in Personal Management From Florida International University in 1996 and is now a seasoned Accounting professional with over 25 years in the industry. Ada is a problem solver and has experience with policy and procedures manual, compensation and benefits, and general office administration. She is a member of The American Accounting Association and has mentored and contributed to the professional growth of many colleagues. In her free time, she enjoys reading, sports and traveling.
Title - Director of Business Development
Company - Technology Industry Professonal Services LLC
Location - Great Neck, NY
Industry - Hospital & Health Care
Specialty - MD; Gynecology; Sonologist
Dr. Arthur C. Fougner is a Gynecologic Sonologist at North Shore LIJ Health Systems. He earned his MD in Medicine from Tulane University School of Medicine and his BS in Pre-professional Studies from the University of Notre Dame. He specializes in sonoscans for pregnant woman and was initially inspired to pursue an Ultrasound practice after his introduction to ultrasound in the late 1970’s.. He is the author of a book chapter in Gynecology titled “Gynecology,” is a member of the Knights of Columbus, and stays up to date with the “New England Journal of Medicine” and the “American Journal of Ultrasound and Medicine.”
Title - Director of Business Development
Company - Technology Industry Professonal Services LLC
Location - Deerfield Beach, FL
Industry - Real Estate
Specialty - Corporate Law; Trial Attorney; Mortgage Loan Repurchase Rebuttals; Litigation Management; Mediation; Contract Negotiation; Mortgage Lending; Legal Writing; Commercial Litigation; Contract Law; Dispute Resolution; Commercial Real Estate; Mergers and Acquisitions
Robert Bello is a practicing corporate attorney with over 25 years of experience. Currently, Robert is working with Resolution Portfolio Management and Oversight where he is responsible for providing general legal advice to higher management, acts as the primary manager for servicing mortgage loans, investigator, and strategist to support $90 Million in collective mortgage portfolios. Previously as Deputy General Counsel at First NLC Financial Services, LLC, he had the opportunity to build a $200 Million Company while using his rational thinking, analytical skills, passion for justice, and excellent writing skills. In this position Robert had many different responsibilities including litigation management, negotiation of all purchases and sales, and managed the loan servicing department. Robert also spent nine years as a successful trial and appellate attorney. During that time, he had several appellate opinions published in which the client was the prevailing party. In addition, Robert is very active as an animal justice advocate and environmentalist. He is working towards becoming members with several groups in Central Florida and looking forward to working closely with them to assist in the cause.
Title - Vice President of Marketing and Communications
Company - Maguire Associates
Location - Westford
Industry -
Specialty - Marketing Strategy; Marketing Communications; Online Marketing; Lead Generation; SEO; Advertising; Online Advertising; Digital Marketing; Digital Marketing
Michelle Dunn is Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Maguire Associates, where she leads marketing and communications efforts for the firm and its clients. Her areas of specialty include digital marketing, branding and advertising. Prior to Maguire Associates, Michelle ran her own marketing consultancy, where she worked with clients in Technology, EduTech and Education. She earned a Master of Business Administration in Sustainability Studies/Social Enterprise from George Washington University and a Bachelor of Arts from Loyola Marymount University and is a member of the American Marketing Association. Her pastimes include photography, travel, yoga and outdoor sports. Michelle believes that her success thus far has stemmed from her holistic view of technology and marketing and is continually looking to connect with like-minded individuals to further grow her professional network base.
Title - Executive Vice President
Company - Symbionce LLC
Location - Cleavland, Tennessee
Industry - Accounting
Specialty - Accounting; Leadership; Revenue Cycle Management; Strategic Planning; Sales; Marketing; Start-ups; Consulting
Mr. Alan D. Goldberg has over three decades of experience in accounting and business solutions to maximize revenue capture. He was a Certified Public Accountant and some areas of experiences are in healthcare revenue cycle, genetics testing, and Medicaid eligibility management, property management assistance through innovative technology, social media marketing, not-for-profit fundraising, technology, pharmacy benefit management, and theme park marketing. Mr. Goldberg also consults in other practice areas include litigation support, start-up assisted living facilities, auction of luxury homes and condos, and distressed properties/REOs. He is project manager for an ongoing medical coding software development, partner in software development for unique pre-certification and re-cert software/revenue cycle management; integration of technology with revenue cycle; physician practice and rural health clinic establishment and consulting. In his past, Mr. Goldberg started seven new firms, turned around a physical rehabilitation hospital chain and sold it, and performed a successful MBO and later sold it. Some of his future goals include serving on some boards, working to get government and insurance companies to expand coverage for pharmacogenetic testing, working to expand Scottish Rite free clinics for children as well as building current company. In his spare times, he enjoys fly fishing, boating, and he is an avid reader of fiction books and has an extended family with ten grandchildren.
Title - Managing Partner/Shareholder
Company - Sacks Tierney P.A.
Location -
Industry -
Specialty - Indian Law and Tribal Relations; Homeowner Association Law; Business and Corporate Law; Water, Environmental, and Natural Resources
Judith Dworkin is Managing Partner/Shareholder with Sacks Tierney P.A. where she mentors for the firm, determines the hiring, and administers the attorney budget. She is a public speaker who is very passionate about economic development of Indian tribes and has broad expertise in Indian law issues. She has won awards for her work in Native American law. Judith writes articles on issues regarding Indian law and business development. The highlight of her career has been helping Indian Tribes in their economic development—ultimately helping Indians feel culturally represented. She plans to help the law firm grow and bring in the new generation of legal professionals. For herself, she intends to grow within the firm and set new standards. Judith is a hard worker with a passion for helping people. She is always looking to make and build connections with like-minded individuals to promote professional growth.
Title - President
Company - ESC Pacific, Inc
Location - Honolulu, Hawaii
Industry - Accounting
Specialty - Financial Accounting; Mergers and Acquisitions; Accounting Consulting; Implementation Accounting Software; Project Management; Internal Control; Process Improvement
Eric G. Stojkovich is President of ESC Pacific Inc, which specializes in accounting, business management, process improvement and internal control consulting in Hawaii, Micronesia and the Pacific Rim. Eric joined the Arthur Andersen LLP in 1997 as an Experienced Manager. He was part of a core group who reorganized the Honolulu practice of Arthur Andersen into the successor Firm of KMH LLP. He attributes his success to his ability to recognize the needs of his Clients and implement IT systems and business process that enable users to work efficiently. Eric is a guest lecturer at the Asian Institute of Technology In Thailand. He serves as Chairman at West Oahu Community Federal Credit Union and a member of the Kamehameha Lions Club Foundation. He is a member of the Purdue Alumni Association. When Eric isn’t reading in his free time, one may find him on a golf course.
Title - Real Estate Broker/Partner
Company - Chin MacQuoid Fleming Harris / Berkshire Hathaway Home Services
Location - Park City, UT
Industry -
Specialty - Real Estate; Luxury Home Specialist; Luxury Resort Real Estate; Real Estate Development, Transactions, and Economics; New Construction; Residential; Investment Real Estate; Sales
Ann Griffith MacQuoid is a dynamic luxury real estate specialist with almost 30 years of experience and vineyard owner. She has been Owner & Partner of Chin | MacQuoid | Fleming | Harris since 2007, has served as Associate Broker at Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, Utah Properties since 2002, and has been Partner and Owner of Parallel Napa Valley Wines since 1999. There are 4 partners who have a real estate business, and they sell about a quarter to a half billion dollars of real estate annually; essentially, it is a company within a company with about 100 real estate brokers. Ann manages the internal marketing, lists and sells high end real estate, and oversees developments worth $200-300 million. She holds a designation in Public Relations from UCLA, has five specialty certifications and is affiliated with the National Association of Realtors, the Utah Association of Realtors, Park City Board of Realtors, and Who's Who in Real Estate Utah.  Ann has received many accolades during her illustrious career beginning with Rookie of the Year, and then Board of Realtors President, Prudential’s List of Top 10 Agents nationally, Top 10 Nationally Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, Realtor & Salesperson of the Year, Park City Board of Realtors for 3 years, #1 Real Estate Team in Utah for 8 years (2007-14) and Park City Citizen of the Year.  Ann earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature/Letters from University of Texas at Austin, and also studied towards a Master's degree there. For ten years after college, she worked in PR, Journalism, and Marketing before moving with her family of avid skiers from Laguna Beach, California to Park City, Utah in 1979; she was elected and served four years as City Council Member in Park City learning much about the city and its 15,000 residents. For a while, Ann worked as Director of PR for Mrs. Fields Cookies and loved working for the Fields corporation. She developed extensive experience around resorts and skiing which was a natural fit for her real estate career.  When her daughter reached a certain age, she went back to work full-time, and got her real estate and broker's license.  Passionate about doing what she does, Ann is very optimistic about the future of the market. She thrives on working with her team, and going forward, she is keen to network. Ann continues to progress in her career, but cites some highlights of being on the top ten real estate teams, both nationally and internationally, for Berkshire Hathaway and Prudential over the past few years.  Ann has boundless enthusiasm for Park City, and has been involved in nearly every charity and non-profit organization in town, including serving on the Park City City Council, and on the Boards of the Egyptian Theater, Sundance Film Festival, Friends of Animals, Ballet West, and more. She is a founder of the Park City Performing Arts Foundation and helped raise $9 million to build the Eccles Center for the Performing Arts.  Ann and husband, Mac, are wine enthusiasts who love traveling to wine regions. Together, they own Parallel Napa Valley Wines where is produced a wonderful Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. The vineyard is located in beautiful St. Helena, Napa Valley. They take pleasure in visiting their daughter Katy and son-in-law in Hermosa Beach, California. When Ann isn't working, she is an avid reader of literature.
Title - CEO and Practice Manager
Company - Northeastern Anesthesia
Location - Kisco, NY
Industry - Medical Practice
Specialty - Leader in Anesthesia
Mitchell Cohn is CEO and Practice Manager of Northeastern Anesthesia. Founder of one of the premier medical specialty groups in NY, in 1984, Mitchell has 31 years of experience in his profession, specializing in hospitals, healthcare management, strategic planning, leadership, medicine and management. He earned his Doctor of Medicine (MD) from Dartmouth Medical School; he received his Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry from Dartmouth College. Mitchell is a leader in the anesthesia industry and member of the American Society of Anesthesia. He accredits his success to hard work and is looking forward to continued growth and taking a step up into an operational manager position. He actively aims to become member of board chamber by next year.
Title - Managing member
Company - Gymer Images LLC
Location - Gordon, Nebraska
Industry - Photography
Specialty - Fine Art Landscape Photography; Custom Framing; Custom Archival Matting
Emerson R (Bill) Bailey is the managing member of Gymer Images LLC, and has been a photographer since 1954. At a ripe 9 years of age, Bill constructed his own dark room. He has a Master of Business Administration degree in Management Science, Systems Analysis and Design, Computer Science from California State University, East Bay. In November, 2015, he will be part of a significant photo shoot and workshop in Death Valley. In March of the following year, he will be shooting in Sedona, Arizona. Bill specializes in fine art landscape photography, custom framing, and custom archival matting. A trumpet player as well, Bill has been Principal Trumpet with the Metropolitan Brass Quintet and Co-Principal Trumpet with the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra.
Title - Chief Executive Officer
Company - Arkansas Sheriff's Youth Ranches
Location - Statesville, Arkansas
Industry - Non-Profit Organization Management
Specialty - Licensed Certified Social Worker; Not-for-Profit Organizations; Social Work; Mental Health; Funding; Regulatory and compliance requirements; Executive Management; Ranch Management; Strategic Planning; Process Improvement; Best Practices Quality Control
For the past two years, Nancy has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches. She has more than twenty years of mental health experience. The Arkansas Sheriff's Youth Ranches is a not-for-profit organization that was created bin 1976 by Arkansas sheriff's to serve the youth community. Nancy's responsibilities include the development and implementation of mental health programs for children and adolescents in west central Arkansas. Programs include residential child care programs, outreach programs that currently serve 150 families per month, and on-going services to former ranch residents. Each campus at the ranch is equipped with lodging, computer and technology labs, on-site staff, recreational facilities, and animals and livestock. Member of panels and boards in Hot Springs, Arkansas area ensure appropriate services for vulnerable youth populations. She previously served as a regional clinical director at the Pointe Outpatient Behavioral Healthcare in Hot Springs and worked for APS Healthcare as the Quality Manager for Arkansas, directing all internal and external quality and regulatory compliance functions. She is a licensed certified social worker (LCSW) by the Arkansas Board of Social Work. Nancy is Dedicated to the top level of quality care and service to the community by offering loving, supportive, and nurturing homes to children and youth. The ranches also provide a way for their residents to connect to nature and animals. They are currently in the process of building the largest pedigreed, registered Hereford herd in the state. Her future goals surround growth and development of Arkansas Sheriff's Youth Ranches, improving the quality of experience for children and youth living at the Ranches along with implementation of new programs. The new programs would serve both the Ranches residents and the communities where they are located. Example - allowing students (in social work, teachers, etc.) at nearby Universities to intern and train at the ranches to learn best practices. Nancy wants the membership to enhance her personal branding. She hopes that by joining the registry, it will help bring awareness to Arkansas Sheriff Youth Ranches. Nancy is passionate and committed to being a strong advocate and protector of vulnerable youth.
Title - Professor
Company - Instituto Superior Técnico
Location - Alcabideleche
Industry - Semiconductors
Specialty - Semiconductors; Education
Jose Franca is Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico spanning 15 years with areas of expertise including: semiconductors, entrepreneurship and start-ups, corporate development, mergers and acquisitions and strategy. He is a member of the Portugal-EIF Fund of Funds, FCT - Conselho Científico Ciências Exactas e de Engenharia, and Conselho Nacional Empreendedorismo e Inovação; he is Non Executive Director of Portugal Venture Capital Initiative (PVCi). Jose attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Sloan School of Management and the Universidade Técnica de Lisboa Agregado studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences. He received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Imerial College in London; prior to that he studied Electrical Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico Licenciado. He has been awarded the “IEEE Fellow,” the “Golden Jubilee Award” from IEEE Circuits and Systems Society, the “Grande Oficial da Ordem" de Mérito da República Portuguesa, the “Doctor Honoris Causa” from University of Macau, and the “Industrial Pioneer Award” from IEEE Circuits and Systems Society. He is a distinguished speaker with a passion to teach and share his experiences to promote growth of others. He would like to continue teaching and finish up at his alma mater, the University of Portugal. Jose was a ember of executive council of IST and was instrumental in the reform of private equity in 2012. Over his many years of experience, he has held the titles of Chairman, CEO, President, Founder, and more when often he would take a leave of absence from teaching to promote businesses and start-ups.
Title - VP, Application Manager
Company - TD Bank
Location - Wells
Industry - Banking
Specialty - Program Management; Consulting; Technology; Security Regulation; Customer Relations; Problem Solving; Project Development; Regulatory Reporting; Economics; Accounting; Finance; Strategic Implementation
Michael is a VP and Application Manager with TD Bank which is a leading financial institution that specializes in personal and business banking and Investment and insurance. He oversees customer portfolios, project development and management and all security regulating aspects. He has held various positions within TD bank as well as other financial institutions that include Program Manager, Senior Manager of IT and Manager Consultant with MasterCard Advisors for over a decade. He was a member of PMI for many years and frequently throughout his career has done a number public speaking engagements. Michael attended Boston University where he received his BS in Math with a minor in Economics and later attended Babson College where he graduated with honors and obtained his MBA in Finance & Accounting. His appreciation for numbers and business inspired Michael to enter his career and after being successful for over thirty years. He greatly attributes his success to primarily being able to apply the business side to technology and technologic decisions to be made to ensure the client is satisfied with the services he provides. Michael strives to continue strategically implementing change and efficiency for his clients and feels the highlight of his career has been the longevity of his success coupled with the impact he's had in the many implementations that were able to provide growth, sustainability and profitability to the companies he's worked with. Michael enjoys reading non-fiction novels, the Wall Street Journal and is very active with his wife in donating and volunteering to the Animal Welfare Society in Kennebunk, Maine.
Title - Chairman and CEO
Company - Taylor Capital Group
Location - Northbrook, IL
Industry -
Specialty - Private Equity Investments; Banking; Law
Jeffrey W. Taylor is the Executive Managing Director at Taylor Capital Group, Inc. responsible for focusing on strategic customer-engagement activities, new business development, and various areas having potential for more growth. Jeff joined Cole Taylor Bank in 1978 as assistant general counsel and later as general counsel. He became CEO of Cole Taylor Bank in 1991 and built an experienced management team by attracting seasoned professionals from major financial institutions. He played a visible role as CEO of Cole Taylor Financial Group, which went public in 1994. In 1997, he led a group of family and employee investors in a buyout of the bank from the publicly traded holding company. That transaction created Taylor Capital Group, Inc. the holding company of Cole Taylor Bank. Jeff earned his JD from Northwestern University School of Law and has a BS from Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, California. He is a member of the World President’s Organization, Loyola Family Business Center Peer Advisory Group and Supercommunity Bank Forum. He is the Chairman of the North Shore Center for the Performing Arts Foundation Board and Chairman of Healthcare Alternative Systems Development Advisory Board. He is on the Board of the Evanston Northwestern Healthcare Foundation, Northwestern University School of Law, After School Matters and Weizmann Institute Midwest Regional Board.
Title - President
Company - Thermistors Unlimited
Location - St. Mary's, PA
Industry -
Specialty - Engineering Management; Electrical Engineering; Personnel Management; Entrepreneurship; Customer Relations; Product Development; Product Management; Project Development; Project Management; Manufacturing; Sales; Sourcing; Accounting Profitability; Business Administration; Business Management;
Greg is the President and owner of Thermistors Unlimited which specializes in manufacturing and design center for PTC thermistor applications that is customer service based. With over twenty two years of experience Greg oversees all management, organizational and administration aspects of his company that include personnel, engineering, product and project development and customer relations. He has held the Engineering Manager position with his previous company where he was also quite knowledgeable of ceramic and electrical engineering. Greg has been invited to speak at the Dale Carnegie Training which itemizes leadership training for professionals where he finds his focal point is generally manufacturing processes and professional training for those preparing to enter and continue their professional careers. He received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Penn State University and was inspired by his familial ties to the profession coupled with the education he received from Penn State. Greg greatly attributes his success to his keen understanding of what he wanted to do and having the driving force to make sure to succeed at it and always wanting to do and grow more. Greg aspires to continue to grow Thermistors Unlimited and is most proud of the longevity and growth he's had throughout his career and successfully becoming an entrepreneur and loving what he does. He is greatly affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce in St. Mary's for 10 years & serving as Chamber President for three. Greg is also immeasurably involved with the Boy Scouts troop in St. Mary's and after becoming a Boy Scout himself, Greg continued to donate and volunteer for over 35 years and is currently a Scout master. Greg loves sports, basketball, playing in mens softball league and bowling during the wintertime.
Title - Executive director
Company - Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region
Location - Kitchener Ontario
Industry - Non-Profit
Specialty - Community Outreach; Program Development; Social Services; Leadership Development; Non-Profit; Community Development; Fundraising; Community Organization; Teaching; Program Evaluation
Maria de Boer is the Executive Director of Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region (EAFWR,) a non-profit organization founded in 1980 by the parents of children with physical and mental disabilities to provide a nurturing community and friendship in the Waterloo Region. The "Extend-A-Family" program matches supported families with other volunteer families in the region. The organization prides itself on their mission statement "Building COMMUNITY, Choosing DIGNITY, Nurturing BELONGING". Their various programs offer services to meet the needs of individuals and families in their community. As the Executive Director, Maria is responsible for overseeing 45 full-time employees, approximately 200-300 part-time employees, and the various operations and developmental programs within the organization. As a dedicated activist, Maria is passionate about people and seeks out possibilities for making positive change in the lives of others. She approaches her work with a mind for inclusion forming and facilitating relationships between all people regardless of the personal differences or disabilities. She has a Masters degree in Social Work from Wilfrid Laurier University, which she earned in 1992. She is the mother of four whose pastimes include theater, reading, traveling and spending time with her four grandchildren.