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Title - Director of the Faculty of Actuarial Sciences
Company - Anahuac University
Location - Huixquirlucam
Industry - Higher Education
Specialty - Statistics; Actuarial Science; Strategic Planning; Business Strategy; Data Analysis; Team Leadership; Higher Education; Financial Risk
Oliva Sanchez Garcia has served as the Director of Faculty and Professor of Actuarial Sciences for Anahuac University for 27 years. She oversees the Actuarial Sciences curriculum for the University and and the Masters and Doctorate Actuarial Sciences programs. Oliva received her Master of Science degree in Statistics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1987 and is currently pursuing her PhD in Disciplinary Studies at Anahuac University. Oliva has always excelled in mathematics and was inspired by one of her teachers to pursue actuarial science as a career. She has a strong passion for teaching and attributes her success to being goal oriented, consistency, and organization. Her goals include leaving academic administration and to focus on research. She is a member of the College of Actuaries and Mexico Association of Actuaries.
Title - Adjunct professor
Company - Ana G. Mendez University
Location - Mount Airy, MD
Industry - Education Management
Specialty - Chairperson- Education Department- Montgomery County; Special Education
Matilde Vallejos is the Adjunct Professor at Ana G. Mendez University. She came to the US at age 14 and initially worked as a daycare providers. She saw injustices in the educational system, and went back to school to achieve Ph.d in order to make a greater impact on the problem. She is presently a Chairperson of the education department at the Ana G. Mendez University, and teaches classes in special education and regular education. She also reviews manuals for MD State special education teacher certification . Matilde received her PhD from John Hopkins University and her Masters in George Washington University, and Bachelors from the University of Maryland at College Park. She is an alumni member and on the Board of Directors of the National Capital Fullbright Association. Outside of work she enjoys jewelry making, and reading novels in Spanish.
Title - Owner, Inventor, Co-creator
Company - Quantum Sound Therapy
Location - Port Saint Lucie, FL
Industry - Health, Wellness and Fitness
Specialty - Cloud Sound Therapy; Stress Management; Chakra Alignment
Mrs. Helen Reilly is the Owner, Inventor, and Co-creator of Quantum Sound Therapy. Quantum Sound Therapy utilizes vibrational medicine and energy healing techniques through an award winning online sound therapy system that assess your voice signature and creates a unique soundtrack that contains the secret to unlocking your full potential. Mrs. Reilly, has over 22 years as a clinical psychologist and scalar wave researcher and has unlocked the secret to cracking the code to a balanced state of well-being that lies hidden in the frequencies of your voice. Cloud Sound Therapy will create the specific healing sound frequencies that one needs and deliver them right to your inbox within minutes of receiving a voice sample. It provides a detailed view of the terrain of your consciousness and emotions. Mrs. Reilly utilizes an algorithm that accurately detects subconscious blocks and releases them without excessive effort on the clients part. Prior to founding, Quantum Sound Therapy, Mrs. Reilly ran a private practice specializing in talk therapy and has over 40 years combined experience in sound therapy. Mrs. Reilly is passionate about sharing the research and technology that she has spent a lifetime building upon with the world and also has teamed up with numerous special interest groups, including autism and ADD to increase awareness and overall well being.
Title - Owner
Company - Bruce D. Nagel Architect
Location - East Quogue, NY
Industry - Architecture & Planning
Specialty - Providing architectural services for high-end custom homes
Bruce Nagel is an renowned architect of 40 years specializing in custom design for high-end homes. He started his company in 1983 and received an MA in Architecture from Harvard University, Graduate School of Design in 1976. A highlight of Bruce’s career was designing Steven Speilberg’s home. Based out of East Quogue, New York, Bruce has worked on many celebrated projects, i.e. as senior associate at Gwathmey Siegel and Associates from 1979 to 1985 where he worked on numerous public and private award-winning projects. From the young age of 14, Bruce wanted to become an architect and attributes his success to hard work, talent, and faith. He is a member of the American Institute of Architects and was awarded the Interior Design Magazine Rural House Award in 2010. Bruce is thankful for the love and support from his wife and daughter over the years.
Title - Director
Company - XTid Associates ltd
Location - London
Industry - Architecture & Planning
Specialty - Project Planning; Project Management; Engineering; Business Strategy; Contract Management; Construction Management
Anne Gomez is the Owner and Director of XTid Associates, LTD located in London, England. XTid Associates provides architectural, consultancy and site investigation services and specializes in residential, commercial architecture, landscape and urban design and industrial sectors for a widely diverse range of clients. Anne has extensive experience in project management and has worked for several companies throughout the UK awhile holding positions such as Design Manager for Mace (Heathrow Airport) and M & E Project Manager and Consultant for IDOM for 15 years. Anne has a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering and began her career working for companies in Spain. Upon coming to London, she met her partner and successfully started her own company. Anne attributes her success to persistence, hard work and having a passion for her industry. Her future goals include growing her businesses and managing medium to large projects.
Title - President
Company - Caribbean Development Bank
Location - Wildey, St. Michaels
Industry - Banking
Specialty - Economics; Business Development; Sustainable Energy; Fiscal Management; Debt Management; Investments; Financial Modeling; Portfolio Management; Due Diligence; Policy Analysis
Warren Smith is the President of the Caribbean Development Bank, where he as worked for the last 5 years. He has over 18 years of industry experience and is responsible for the executive responsibilities of running organization. Warren is Chairman on the Board of the Directors. He has spoken at numerous forums in regards to development business, sustainable energy and climate change, fiscal management, and debt management. He received his Bachelors in Economics, Masters in Agricultural Economics, and PhD in Resource Economics and Public Policy, all from Cornell University. Warren was inspired to get into industry from his upbringing in a developing region in the Caribbean, and has always been concerned with its future and wanting to make a difference with his degrees. The key to his success is taking his experiences working in the public and private sectors and applying them to what he does now, combining the best of both worlds.
Title - Senior Adviser, International Affairs
Company - US DOJ-ATF
Location - Washington, DC
Industry - Government Administration
Specialty - Firearms; National Security; Criminal Justice; Homeland Security; Policy; Developing Innovative Strategy; Counterterrorism; Public Safety; Protection; Federal Law; Government; Crisis Management; Internal Relations; Emergency Management; Leadership Development; Process Improvement; Counterintelligence; Explosives; Negotiation; Leading Change; Implementation of Effective Teams; Program Management; Intelligence; Defense; Intelligence Analysis; Criminal Law
William Kullman is Deputy Chief of International Affairs of the US Department of Justice's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. An ATF Expert, William has been instrumental in implementing the Arms Trade Treaty of 2013. Day-to-day, he is responsible for enforcing Federal criminal laws and regulating the firearms and explosives industries. He works directly with Executive Staff, US Attorney, and the Department Of Justice to investigate and reduce crime involving firearms, ammunition, and explosives. William has been the keynote speaker at the World Forum on Shooting Activities, an association of hunting, shooting, and industry organizations on regulatory firearms policy and procedure. He serves as liaison with Officers Association at Washington Embassy to discuss common issues on international aspects that may inhibit the welfare of those who have held a commission. Originally inspired to be a professor of Law, William realized he enjoyed working with the government and decided to pursue his new found passion. He earned his JD of Law from Temple University, James E. Beasley School of Law and an MA in Philosophy from Loyola University of Chicago. He is grateful for having had excellent mentors, all of whom left an lasting impression, which has allowed him to have such dedication.
Title - Operations Development Director EMEA
Company - Bacardi
Location - Cruzmanca
Industry - Wine and Spirits
Specialty - Management; Business Planning; Business Strategy; Strategic Planning; Professional Training and Coaching; Consulting; Financial Analysis; Strategy; International Business
Daniel Hernandez Zuili is the Operations Development Director EMEA for Bacardi. He coordinates strategic planning for the operations area in the region, manages external manufacturing area and strategy, and also leads several key strategic projects. Daniel is living in France, while working in the Bacardi Geneva headquarters. He is an Electronics and Communications engineer and received his MBA from ASU Thunderbird School of Global Management, graduating with honours and distinction in 2006. He began working for Bacardi 4 years before taking this new role, managing Manufacturing and Supply Chain Operations in the Latin American region. Daniel has a strong people orientation that he uses to impact people in a positive way that delivers results for the company.
Title - CEO
Company - Krause Investment Advisory Group, LLC
Location - Abington, PA
Industry - Investment Management
Specialty - providing investment strategies following the CAN SLIM strategy for stock markets, portfolio, and financial management
Paul Krause is CEO of the Krause Investment Advisory Group, LLC. and has worked in in the industry for 30 years. He is a certified CAN SLIM Advisor, with previous experience in mail order business. Paul has a passion for analytic strategies, competitive aspect, and meeting with clients which has attributed to a successful business. Paul received his BA in Economics from Brown University and his MBA in Business Administration from Harvard Business School in1968. He is excited to generate business opportunities and network with other business professionals. Outside of work Paul also enjoys piano, travel, and model railroads.
Title - Managing Director
Company - Thompson Dunn Ltd.
Location - Highgate, London
Industry - Management Consulting
Specialty - Industrial Psychology; Psychology; Education; Business development; Business Management; Childhood Development; Consulting; Advisement; Executive Development; Organizational Development; Strategic Organization; Personal Coaching; Professional Coaching; Self Development
Patricia Thompson is the Managing Director and Owner at Thompson Dunn Ltd. She specializes in consulting and advising to Senior level, high end executives in multinational organizations. She began her career as a Senior Educational Psychologist for Inner London Education Authority. After working with ILEA, Thompson switched from educational to business psychology in which she led to the creation of Thompson and Dunn LTD. One major accomplishment includes the launch of DecisionProfile; an instrument used for individual or group assessment measuring risk and decisiveness while delivering a quick and accurate report. Her future plans are to reach out and expand DecisionProfile globally while maintaining the care for her beloved mother. Patricia finds her personal and professional achievements go hand in hand. She received her Post Graduate Teaching Diploma from the University of Manchester, her BA in Psychology from the University of Manchester, and his M.Sc. in Child Development, Clinical Studies, and Psychology from the University of London.
Title - Partner
Company - Sager Legal Advisors LLP
Location - Vancouver
Industry - Law Practice
Specialty - Attorney; Complex corporate commercial matters; Shareholder Disputes; Contract disputes; International Fraud; Negligence claims; Employee matters; Construction Litigation; Estate Litigation; Municipal Law
Heather L. Jones is the Senior Partner with Sager LLP, Legal Advisors, in the Vancouver, Canada Area. Over the past 20 years, she has built a stellar reputation with the legal community in the Vancouver area. Heather specializes in complex corporate commercial matters but is also skilled in shareholder and contract disputes, international fraud, negligence claims, employee matters, construction and estate litigation, and municipal law. She hails from a long line of very successful attorneys in her family and is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of others. She received an LL.B from Dalhousie University in 1991 and a BA in Criminology and Music Performance from the University of Alberta in 1988. She is a member of Women Legal and, in her free time, enjoys sports, music, cooking and baking, and hiking with her dog.
Title - Attending Radiation Oncologist
Company - City of Hope (COH)
Location - Monrovia, CA
Industry - Medical Practice
Specialty - Associate Clinical Professor; Physician; Breast Cancer; Brain Cancer; Bone Marrow Transplants; Radiation; Cancer Treatment; Science; Laboratory Science; Teaching; Radiotherapy; Radiation Biology; Medical Research; Biology
Dr. Eric H. Radany is Attending Radiation Oncologist at City of Hope (COH,) one of the most well known clinical national medical centers in the world. He has been with COH for 11 years; he has worked in the field of Radiation Oncology since 1989. Driven by immense fascination for science, medicine, and biology, Eric is dedicated to learning every day and sharing his knowledge and experience with others. He has a PhD in Cancer Biology and was inspired by a college professor to pursue a career in medicine. His success has stemmed from his passion for learning. Eric is affiliated with the American Society of Radiation Oncology and American Society of Clinical Oncology. In 1989, he was awarded the ASCO Young Investigator Award. The field of medicine is constantly changing—Eric looks forward to making positive growth for himself and the center, but also in the world by contributing to cures and having a lasting impact on his patients and on the world.
Title - VP of Business Operations
Company - Comfort Star HVAC
Location -
Industry - Staffing and Recruiting
Specialty - Recruiting; Leadership; Program Management; Temporary Staffing; Retention Strategies; Operational Improvement
Valerie Zimmerman (Brown) is VP of Business Operations at Comfort Star, a full-service HVAC company established in 2005. Valerie is responsible for all aspects of business as far as manufacturing and distributing. Her goals are to increase growth and improve administrative and accounting services. She would like to become more familiarized with HVAC so she can become more of an asset and take on more responsibility. Valerie has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Cardinal Stritch University, 2006. She is actively involved in promoting literacy and learning initiatives and enjoys mentoring to children through her church. Her favorite pastimes are traveling and reading. She is eager to expand her network base, gain more exposure, and create opportunities for growth.
Title - SIM Lab Instructor
Company - TTUHSC
Location - El Paso, Texas
Industry - Hospital & Health Care
Specialty - Emergency Management; Emergency Medicine; Healthcare Management; Pediatric Cardiology; Cardiac Life Support; Instructor; Training; Surgical Procedures; ACLS, PALS, ITLS PHTLS, SIM lab Instruction; Coordination with Clinical trials between Pharmaceutical industry and hospitals in Latin America for development of new drugs specially for Cancer treatment..
Juan Francisco Rodriguez is the SIM Lab Instructor and Faculty at TTUHSC. His responsibilities include instructing for advanced cardiac life support, pediatric and adult advanced cardiac life support, and teaching surgical procedures that include test tubes, cardiac procedures. He also specializes in Instruction and Emergency Medical Services. He has been a firefighter and licensed paramedic for 20 years, devoted to helping those that need cardiac life support. He has been a site Manager, Flight Medic for Med Flight Air Ambulance, Private company specialized in Critical Care Transports around USA and Latin America He retired from EPFD after 28 years of Service Juan lectures on emergency medicine, and ambulance services. The focal point typically is how to develop contact in Latin American countries and the benefits of air ambulance procedures. He received his MD from the Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juarez in 1992. He attributes his success to his love for his profession. In the next 4-5 years he will move into semiretirement, and is looking forward to having time to expand other interests and network with Bristol professionals.
Title - General Studies Instructor / MA and HIT programs
Company - YTI Career Institute
Location - York Haven, PA
Industry - Higher Education
Specialty - Microsoft Office Specialist ; Excel Expert; Instructional Design; Curriculum Development; Process Refinement; Classroom Teaching; Training; Public Speaking; Technical Writing; Creative Writing; Mathematics
Christopher Kelly is the General Studies Instructor of MA and HIT programs at YTI. He is a cross-cultural educator, instructional designer and program director with broad background developing teaching materials, enhancing performance and efficiency of existing systems, interdepartmental relations, report design, data analysis, technical writing and training adults in both corporate and educational settings. He also specializes in daily lesson development, content creation and classroom instruction of adults in a variety of soft skills and professional coursework. Courses taught include mathematics, psychology, professional development, critical thinking, communications, and computer skills - including the Microsoft Office suite applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access. Chris is very knowledgeable with computer programs. He received his Masters Degree in Instructional Design from Full Sail University in 2015. Chris is very good at building and creating reports and also training others how to use them. He believes he would be an asset to any company.
Title - Environmental Specialist
Company - Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning
Location - Qatar
Industry - Environmental Services
Specialty - Environmental Strategic Environmental Assessment; Environmental Impact Assessments; Project Tender and Documentation; Environmental monitoring programs; Geo-Environmental investigation; Report and programs; Sustainable Development;Environmental Compliance; Waste Management; ISO 14001; Sustainability Reporting; Environmental Permitting; Sustainability Strategy; Integrated Coastal Zone Management. and Environmental Policies.
Sophie Hagan is an environmental specialist for the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning and has gained extensive experience, a rare set of skills that she has acquired throughout the years. The success she’s has thus far, has been achieved by means of hard work, perseverance, taking the necessary risks, working internationally, and taking on challenging projects that require a great deal of personal sacrifice. Her professional inspiration comes from a natural passion for environmental health and safety, disaster and humanitarian relief, science and technology. Sophie is currently earning a PHD in Sustainability and Ecological Economy from Bond University; she has a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Science and Environmental Health from Queensland University of Technology. She was a radio announcer for community radio 4BK "Civil Rights and Social Action.” She is affiliated with Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand and Member of Institute of Environmental Impact and Assessment (UK). She is UNESCO certified in integrated coastal zone management. She has been an integral Project coordination and member of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management of Qatar.
Title - Service and Support Country Manager
Company - Agilent Technologies Brasil Ltda
Location - Saul Paulo
Industry - Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
Specialty - Telecommunications; Management; Leadership; Product Management; Strategy
Rui Villela Ferreira serves as a Service and Support Country Manager specializing in engineering services and project management with a particular focus on OSS solutions for Telecommunication Service Providers and Electronic Instruments Calibration and Repair. Mr. Ferreira also supports the efforts of Abrinq which aims to engage the broader society in making children and adolescents "the absolute priority" on the nation's agenda including campaigns to reduce illegal child labor by mobilizing citizens as well as engaging international actors such as UNICEF and the International Labour Organization in the effort. He received his M.B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Pittsburgh and his B.S. in Engineering from ITA. He also enjoys running, reading and travel outside of work.
Title - Partner
Company - Cavanaugh, Biggs & Lemon P.A.
Location - Topeka, Kansas
Industry - Law Practice
Specialty - Injured Worker; Family Law; Business and Transactional Law; Civil Litigation; Construction; Corporate Law; Personal Injury; Real Estate; Kansas Courts; 10th Circuit Court of Appeals; Supreme Court; Pacer Docket Information; Missouri Supreme Court; Kansas Judicial Court; United States Supreme Court; Kansas Supreme Court; US District Court / District of KS; Shawnee Co. Court
Jim Biggs is Partner at Cavanaugh, Biggs, & Lemon, a dynamic and versatile law firm located in Topeka, Kansas, known for their aggressive trial and appellate practice representing clients injured by automobile, industrial accidents, and defective products. As Partner in the firm, Jim is a highly sought advocate for victims' rights in Personal, Corporate, and Construction Injury. Jim is best known for his stellar expertise, grace under pressure and ability to obtain justice for accident victims while providing the compassion they need during recovery. Whether you need a lawyer to assertively negotiate a settlement on your behalf, or a lawyer to put his courtroom skills to work for you, he is ready to deliver and fight tirelessly to preserve and protect the rights of all those who have fallen victim to all types of injuries. Jim received his Bachelor of Science from Emporia University and his Law Degree from Washburn University. He is thrilled to join the Bristol community and looks forward to networking with other executives.
Title - Professor Emeritus (Pharmaceutics)
Company - Creighton University
Location - Santa Fe, New Mexico
Industry - Pharmaceuticals
Specialty - Pharmaceutics; Professor
Michael Makoid is Professor Emeritus of Pharmaceutics at Creighton University. Michael was previously Assistant Dean, and has published 75 articles on Pharmaceutics along with numerous books. Michael’s specialties include physical and organic chemistry, engineering, biochemistry, and molecular science which optimizes the delivery of drugs to humans. He is also the President at United States Martial Arts and Owns Planet Scuba in Tucson, Arizona. Michael has now been retired for 5 years and enjoys the beach in Mexico, and Scuba Driving. His shop in Tucson has state-of-the art scuba equipment along with Master Instructors. In his free time he donates to the Humane Society and World Wild Life. Michael’s specialties include physical and organic chemistry, engineering, biochemistry, and molecular science which optimizes the delivery of drugs to humans. He is also the President at United States Martial Arts and Owns Planet Scuba in Tucson, Arizona. Michael has now been retired for 5 years and enjoys the beach in Mexico, and Scuba Driving. His shop in Tucson has state-of-the art scuba equipment along with Master Instructors. In his free time he donates to the Humane Society and World Wild Life.
Title - Professor of Education - Retired; Real Estate Investor
Company - Richland College of the Dallas County Community College District; Self-Emplyed
Location - Sachse
Industry - Higher Education
Specialty - Education; Real Estate; Investment Properties; Teaching; Sales; Program Management; Educational Leadership; Teacher Training; Real Estate Financing; Curriculum Design; Foreclosures; Investing; Higher Education
J. Perry Carter is Real Estate Investor and retired Professor of Education at Richland College of the Dallas County Community College District. He founded and was department head of the college where he worked from 1973 - 2011. He became a real estate investor to prepare for life after retirement. He began renting his properties; now he is selling property. J. Perry has a Masters of Education degree from Texas A & M and a Masters in Elementary Education and Teaching, Counseling and Educational Administration from Stephen F. Austin State University. He has been awarded the Extra Mile Award for dedication and service to students with disabilities and the National Award as an Exemplary Teacher Preparatory program at a Community College. He is affiliated with Alpha Chi, Phi Delta Pi, Phi Alpha Theta, and Who's Who Among America's Teachers.