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Title - Educator
Company - Retired from Florida Orange County Schools
Location - Orlando, FL
Industry -
Specialty - ESOL; TOFL; Teaching; Training; Merchandizing; International Volunteering
Nancy Morsch wonderfully represents Eastern Nazarene College as an alumni. She taught in the Florida school system for 53 years, spending 32 years teaching elementary school and 33 years teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL/ESL). She retired in 1994 from full-time teaching, but continued to teach part-time until 2014. At age 77, Nancy currently works at Disney where she has been for 22 years. She started teaching at Disney, preparing their international workers to take the TOPL exam. She now does merchandising for Disney and trains the merchandising staff. She also teaches its 8 hour cash handling class. Nancy says she does not know why she chose a career in teaching. She says she's always had an interest in English, but she just more or less fell into teaching. Nancy had majored in English in school with a minor in Education. Later, she took more classes in Education at Rollins College and eventually became a certified teacher and continued to do it because she found she really liked it, especially teaching English to non-English speakers. She said it also fed her love of learning about new cultures and those from developing countries and her love of travel. She notes trips she has taken to; Turkey, China, Uzbekistan, and Papua New Guinea with her son, Dr. Gary Morsch's wonderful organization, "Heart to Heart. Nancy is the sole care giver for her husband and 8 year old grand child. Her future plans are to retire so that she can dedicate her full-time attention to them. She would also like to continue to travel and volunteer with her son's humanitarian groups. Her family consists of a family full of doctors who are committed to service. She welcomes contact with fellow members from all around the world.
Title - Executive Vice President
Company - Mufti International
Location - Dulles, VA
Industry -
Specialty - New Business Development; Sales; Sales Process; Contract Negotiation; Strategic Planning; Contract Management; Marketing Strategy; Negotiation; Sales Operations; Budgeting; Pricing; Inventory.
Naj Qureshi is the Executive Vice President for Mufti International DBA Tysons Floors, a top-tier commercial flooring provider based in the greater Washington, DC area. With more than a decade of experience in flooring and sales, he assists and oversees the sales operations, helping to develop new sales opportunities. With a varied and broad career, he is an expert in government sales, commercial sales and providing exceptional flooring for new builds. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Music from Shenandoah University, Naj enjoyed a freelance career as a Classical Double Bass player, he has played for many local orchestras and been invited to audition for Major Symphony Orchestras. He gained his footing in the flooring industry by working for Mohawk Industries, a fortune 500 Company where he climbed the corporate ladder from Sales Trainee to Director of Institutional Sales. While at Mohawk, he was ultimately responsible for well over $50 Million dollars in revenue. Naj resides in Dulles, Virginia, where he continues to play the bass. Outside of his professional endeavors, he is an avid blogger, enjoys playing golf, supporting charities, and is active with St. Theresa’s Roman Catholic Church.
Title - President (title)
Company - Self-Employed
Location -
Industry -
Specialty - Process Improvement; Marketing Strategy; Sales; Business Strategy; Consumer Electronics; Product Management; Product Development; Negotiation; Strategic Planning; Marketing Management; Product Marketing; Sales Management; Cross-functional Team; International Business; New Business Development; Team Leadership; Supply Chain Management; Product Launch; Public Relations; Team Building
Robert van der Velden have worked for the last 25 years in sales of consumer electronics goods in Latin America developing new markets and growth strategies for the region. He has excellent relations in most of the major retail and wholesale distributors in the region. Recently, he developed new relations with the Far East, both with clients and suppliers. Robert opened a new company selling consumer electronics, moving such items such as white goods and brown goods. His team help clients in the region to get their products from China. Robert worked for Philips Electronics in which he took care of the distribution of their products for Central America, The Caribbean and Colombia. He was in charge of the Panama office, a regional office for the northern latin region. Robert also developed several commercial and sales strategies which proved to be very successful for the company.
Title - Owner/ President
Company - accountant
Location - Sandwich, Massachusetts
Industry -
Specialty - Financial Planning; Tax Preparation; Banking
Joseph's first profession was in banking, but he eventually wanted another challenge and went into financial planning, and found that tax preparation was a lucrative addition especially after acquiring a practice from another accountant. He had a partner in his business at one time, and they have split into separate business amiably. Joseph is fueled by his talent for communication and his attitude. He appreciates simply being able to look forward to coming to work each day. He believes in simplicity and being honest with people. His charitable work has included fund-raising for historical preservation and other improvements for his town of Sandwich, California.
Title - Country Manager Mexico
Company - Wood Mackenzie
Location - Houston, Texas
Industry -
Specialty - Strategy; Public Relations; Leadership skills
Palma Mendez originally from Texas, he graduated with a Bachelors Degree in International Business and was an exchange student at the University of Texas at Austin from 1998-1999. Palma returned to Mexico and is currently a Country Manager Mexico with a company by the name of Wood Mackenzie where she has been for 2 years now. Palma's responsibilities include; strategizing for consulting firms, building good relationships with the government, assigning resources, overseeing selected projects, and following through with objectives in order for the company to reach their goals. Palma has been published just this year 2016 in a book by the name of Mexico Oil and Gas. In the next few years Palma plans to continue developing herself professionally, establish long lasting relationships with companies, and assisting her company with growth and expansion. At this stage in Palma's career networking is very important to her, being able to connect with other like minded Professionals, sharing different ideas and areas of expertise with one another. Palma bases her success on one thing, taking risks, she believes taking positive career type risks has attributed to her success.
Title - Partner
Company - SMPS Legal
Location - Polanco
Industry -
Specialty - Mergers & Acquisitions; Finance; Corporate Matters; Transactional; Government Procurement Contracts; Banking; Capital Markets; Public Procurement
Ramón Bravo is an accomplished corporate and finance attorney with over 30 years of experience in finance, banking, and legal services. For the past year, he has been a Partner at SMPS Legal, a boutique law firm providing cutting-edge legal services to address the needs of today’s leading corporations in the Latin American Region. His key responsibilities involve overseeing the corporate and financial practices of the firm, M&A, transactional, banking, capital markets, acquisitions, JVs, and risk capital. Ramón's area of expertise is M&A, finance, and government procurement contracts. He also speaks fluent English and Spanish. Ramón graduated with a Master's in Finance from University of Cambridge in 1988, and earned a Law Degree, graduating summa cum laude, at Universidad Iberoamericana. He is a member of the International Bar Association and the Mexican Bar Association. Originally, Ramón decided during high school to go into law school and University of Cambridge was his first choice. He began his career in 1984, when he joined Barrera, Siqueiros y Torres Landa, S.C. (now Hogan Lovells BSTL) where he worked for almost 10 years and where he later returned as partner. Following his initial stint with Hogan Lovells, Ramón joined GE Mexico as General Counsel, where he oversaw the development and implementation of the process for requesting and obtaining authorizations to create a Financial Group for GE Capital, as well as a wide variety of financing operations, including secured and structured loans, leasing and financial factoring and restructuring processes. The key to his success is focus and having dedicated 100% of his professional life into the legal field. Indeed, he has been practicing law since 1986 and has been in private practice his whole life. Going forward, Ramón wants to grow the practice out and double the number of their attorneys over the next few years. He is keen to network with other accomplished members to exchange ideas and expertise. One highlight of his career thus far has been his focus on M&A and has overseen a number of very important transactions. When he's not working, Ramón enjoys participating in triathlons and traveling to do Iron Man competitions.
Title - Associate Vice President
Company - HCL America
Location -
Industry -
Specialty - Relationship Management
Norma attended Texas Tech University and has obtained her highest degree of education of an MBA in Human Resources. Norma has over 20 years experience and feels that the key to her success has been her understanding of human capital and her niche for building relationships both internally and externally. Moving forward, Norma sees herself having continued success in her field of expertise coupled with moving to the next level in management to a Vice President position within the next two to three years. She also considers her greatest accomplishments to be people development, mentoring and inspiring others to reach higher limits professionally. Norma is looking to affiliate with a strong network to build from.
Title - President
Company - Asociacion Tributaria de la Republica Dominicana
Location - Santo Domingo
Industry -
Specialty - Law; Accounting; Finance; Administration; Strategy; Planning; Economics; Languages; Business Administration; English; French; Spanish; Problem Solving; Leadership; Commerce; Digitalization;
Eunice Arias Torres is a business professional who is driven by her passion for the intersections of law and finance. She is a natural born leader who knows how to lead new businesses and organizations. Eunice's specialty is the legal side of digital transactions. Her multi-lingual ability to speak three languages helps her communicate to a wide array of people. Eunice has been a certified public accountant(CPA) since 1982. She received her CPA from Universidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña. In addition to being certified, Eunice has three different degrees from three different countries. She received a MBA in Finance from the Universidad de Victoria in Spain in 2010. She also received a MBA in Trade from the UNIVERSITÉ DE MANAGEMENT SUISSE in France in 2011. Eunice finished off her education in the United States at the University of San Francisco where she received a Masters Degree in Taxation in 2011. Eunice is currently the president of the Dominican Republic chapter of the IFA. The Asociacion Tributaria de la Republica Dominicana focuses on digital transaction and commerce. Eunice was able to start and help found the chapter in her country. She deals with the legal aspect of taxing digital purchases. Eunice also deals with decisions and problem solving on a daily basis. In her free time, Eunice enjoys the entertainment industry. She enjoys going to operas and watching movies. Her favorite pieces of work include the Nutcracker and Dirty Dancing. Eunice likes traveling the world to find the best operas and plays to watch.
Title - Middle School Senior Counselor
Company - Retired School Counselor
Location - Augusta, Georgia
Industry -
Specialty - Music education; teaching; counseling
Dr. Teressa Stewart is a retired teacher and school counselor after spending thirty-one years of her career on academia. Upon completing her Bachelor's Degree in Music Education from Johnson C. Smith University in 1980, Dr. Stewart began working as a Music Teacher in the Baldwin County Public School District. She taught general music and organized the choir, at several of the Middle Schools within the district for fourteen years. Dr. Stewart, working in this capacity, she had won the Outstanding Woman of the Year in 1986, as well as Teacher of the Year in 1992. Dr. Stewart discovered that what she enjoyed the most about her job was talking to her students about their aspirations and interests outside of the classroom. Consequently, she decided to transition into becoming a school counselor. Dr. Stewart worked for seventeen years at both the Richmond and Baldwin County Public School Districts, at both the Middle and Elementary School levels. In this role, she counseled students on career choices and provided them with information and resources to better assist them with achieving the goals that they were placing for themselves. Eventually Dr. Stewart returned to school and obtained her Master's Degree in Education from Troy State University in 2001. Soon after, she was published in Who's Who Among Educators, the following year. Dr. Steward has since retired from teaching, and obtained her Doctorate Ministry from Andersonville Theological Seminary in May 2016. She attributes her successful career to her unique life experiences, former colleagues, passion for learning, and the love of helping people reach their full potential. Although she is formally retired, Dr. Stewart is the Minister of Music at Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church, in Augusta Georgia. She continues to look for opportunities to do work with other and be a vital resource for them as a consultant.
Title - Senior Process Engineer
Company - Independent
Location - Sudbury
Industry -
Specialty - Mineral Processing; Metallurgy; Mining; Minerals; Engineering; Six Sigma; Gold, Copper and Nickel; Process Improvement
Diogenes Uceda is a highly accomplished senior metallurgical and process engineer with over 25 years of international management experience in Mineral Processing, Mining, Hydrometallurgy, Electrometallurgy and Pyrometallurgy. His areas of expertise include mineral processing and environmental management, metallurgy, solving technical problems related to the mining and metallurgical industry, process improvement, and Six Sigma. Originally from Peru, Diogenes has an impressive educational background starting with earning his Degree in Metallurgical Engineering at Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería in 1967 and a Diploma in Physical Metallurgy (Quinto Curso Panamericano de Metalurgia / Fifth Pan-American Metallurgy Course) as part of the National Atomic Energy Commission in 1967. Diogenes graduated with a PhD in Electrometallurgy from Missouri University of Science and Technology in 1989. He earned both a Master of Science in Financial Management at Universidad Tecnológica del Cibao in 2001, and a Master of Science in Metallurgical Engineering at Colorado School of Mines in 1976. He is a Six Sigma Brown Belt and has completed several additional certifications and coursework. Growing up in Peru, Diogenes discovered that mining was a very important field so he wanted to study mineral processing. As he was a good student, the mining profession was a natural fit for him. He started out his career as a Senior Metallurgist at Cerro Verde Mine in Peru. Currently, Diogenes is working as an independent contractor and is looking to work at an engineering company. His prior role was Process Engineer at United Commodity in Ontario, Canada, providing technical support to the company's operations and overseeing the technology development and engineering of the Yukon refinery. In addition, he is writing a book in Spanish that he will have translated to English. He is fluent in English and Spanish and speaks some French. Throughout his career, Diogenes has achieved tremendous success in global business settings, working with diverse cultures and countries including the U.S., Peru, Dominican Republic, Australia, Argentina, Brazil and Canada, at metallurgical operations both large and small. The key to his success is determination, a good education and the passion he has for his field. Indeed, Diogenes loves working in mining and metallurgy. He excels at driving more efficient operations through improved process performance and six sigma methodology, research and development, and enhancing procedures and cost savings. Diogenes strives to be an innovative change agent in order to deliver new ideas critical to the modern mining and metallurgical industry. When he's not working, Diogenes enjoys reading and travel, especially to Europe with his son. He also supports The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.
Title - Senior Developer
Company - Queen Mary University of London
Location -
Industry -
Specialty - Analysis structure data
Vasileios Sotiras currently serves as Senior Developer with the Queen Mary University of London. Vasileios' main role is to develop academic applications for universities, work with the development team, and design strategies for the university. An average day for Vasileios consists of developing new concepts and keeping everything running smoothly. Vasileios has over 30 years of professional experience in his career. Vasileios engages in public speaking and internal conferences at the university. At this stage in Vasileios' career, he would like to network with like-minded professionals and he credits his success to determination , learning from his failures and passion for what he does. Vasileios is most proud of how far he has come and the time he spent at the University of Westminster.
Title - Regional Head of Legal & Compliance LAM
Company - Maersk Line
Location - Panama City
Industry -
Specialty - Contract negotiation; claims handling; risk management; transportation rules & regulations; corporate law; international trade
Jorge Acuna has been with Maersk Line since 2011. Being the largest shipping line in the world, Jorge is responsible for all in-house consult and takes care of general corporate matters. Jorge has also implemented global policies and guidelines on Risk Management, Compliance and Corporate Governance for the company. Jorge believes the key to his success is his education and being fortunate enough to have the right mentor at the right time in his life. He also believes in a little luck and then living up to the expectation. With these tactics in mind, Jorge is open to new opportunities to advance in his career. In the next 3-5 years Jorge plans to put together a legal organization in Latin America. Perhaps moving into global law
Title - Owner
Company - Leonard J. Mazzarisi Esq.
Location - Holmdel
Industry -
Specialty - Real Estate Law
Leonard J. Mazzarisi Jr., Esq. has operated his real estate law practice for 31 years. Leonard's real estate and tax professor inspired him to go into real estate law because it merged perfectly with his finance background and education. His law firm represents Wells Fargo and he is also an expert witness in malpractice. He works with a social conscience for he has represented many same sex couples and helped with their estate planning before same sex marriage was legalized. Leonard also won a case for a tenant to keep his small dog in his apartment despite the landlord requesting the Russian Poodle to be removed, turning Mr. Mazzarisi into an unintentional but welcomed pet advocate. Leonard says his father was his hero who motivated him to succeed in life and he uses the motto "family first." He also contributes his work ethic and never losing the quest for knowledge for being the key to his success. Leaonard has many satisfied clients and many of them he also considers his friends. He also has vast legal experience and he will practice law for many years to come.
Title - Senior Manager- Regional Market Access
Company - Novartis Oncology
Location - Southlake, TX
Industry -
Specialty - Pharmaceutical Industry
Sherry Crowe has been involved in the pharmaceutical industry for nearly 30 years. Sherry currently serves as Senior Manager of the Regional Market Access at Novartis Oncology for the past 14 years. In college, she wanted to get into marketing and began to look into some fields. A pharmaceutical company came on campus and was looking to recruit a junior marketing person to help them push ADVIL in Canada. Sherry was granted the opportunity and has successfully been in the field since. Over her 30 years in the industry, she has earned multiple awards including - MVP, several impact awards and national awards. Sherry's greatest accomplishment thus far is coming to the US and succeeding in the largest market in the world. Sherry believes the key to her success is never giving up, knowing herself and her key strengths. Sherry also believes in being very self aware. In the next 3-5 years, Sherry is looking to begin mentoring younger women coming up through different business rinks. She also sees herself looking over other managers at director level.
Title - Former Pharmacy Technician
Company - Tricaras Scripts
Location - Webster, FL
Industry -
Specialty - Pharmacy Technician; Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
Richard D. Howard is a healthcare professional with over 25 years of expertise in the Biopharmaceuticals industry. Richard serves as a Pharmacy Technician, providing medical care and advice to patients. He counsels staff in delivering medical solutions for various healthcare providers. Richard was previously employed by Tricaras Scripts as the Head of Pharmacy Operations.
Title - Retired
Company - Clark County School District
Location - Las Vegas, Nevada
Industry - Education
Specialty - Special Education; Counseling; Administration; Business Education
Mary "Jo" Wiebersick is a retired business and special education teacher, middle school and high school counselor, counselor coordinator at the high school level, and middle school and high school Dean of Students, with over 35 years of experience in the field of education. Jo worked for the Clark County School District for almost 30 years as a special education teacher, counselor, Dean of Students and then as a substitute counselor and special education teacher after retirement. She attributes her success to her determination, her self drive, and support from family and friends.
Title - Sr. Engineer
Company - General Dynamics Information Technology
Location - Apo, AE
Industry -
Specialty - Security Clearance; Telecommunications; Production Control; Leadership; Integration; Systems Engineering; Program Management;
Maurice is a military man who has made his mark in his industry. His core value is service and he is continuing to serve whether its in the National guard, overseas, or to his lovely wife. His motto is the same as the US Air Force: service before self. Maurice began his studies in Industrial Engineering at San Francisco State University. While he was at the university, Maurice was an active member of Phi Beta Sigma fraternity. Maurice was forced to put a hold on his studies to serve our country. He was a member of both the California and Texas International Guard for over 20 years. While serving our country, Maurice was in charge of military communications, being an instructor, and served the honor of being a Team Chief. Maurice will receive his Bachelors from Arizona State University in 2017. Maurice is currently in the Middle East serving as the Senior Engineer for General Dynamics Information Technology. He is responsible for structuring cabling for military communications systems. His daily responsibilities include attending meetings, writing documents for historians, comprehensive communications planning, and IT.
Title - Consultant/Owner
Company - Toffy S. A. And AKSES HOLDINGS, Inc
Location - Guatemala
Industry -
Specialty - Consultancy; Market Research; Purchasing; Entrepreneurship
Roy Wever has been an active entrepreneur for over 7 years and currently serves as Consultant/Owner at Toffy S. A. Roy also has a second company called AKSES Holdings in Guatemala. His company Toffy (www.bonbonelli.com) is an international confectionery story and caters to a person's sweet tooth. Roy's second company, AKSES, is a holdings and rental company for duplex apartments primarily for international student rentals. Roy has been in the corporate world for over 12 years, and began his career working as a Commercial Director for Central American and South America for Molinos Moderno, a huge flour company in Central America. He was promoted to Vice President and landed many international deals. Roy is an accomplished industrial engineer, having graduated from Northeastern University, a prominent American University. He now does consulting work, primarily in the market research and contract and purchasing sectors, helping small and medium sized businesses.
Title - Percussionist
Company - Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals
Location - Ewa Beach, Hawaii
Industry -
Specialty - Musician
Leon Mobley has over 47 years of experience in the Music Industry. Leon is a percussionist and drummer, founder and artistic and musical director of Da Lion and Djimbe West African Drummers and Dancers and a member of the Innocent Criminals, Ben Harper's band. Leon Mobley began as a child actor on PBS Television show Zoom, and has toured the globe as drummer/percussionist with Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals. Leon began to play African drum rhythms in 1967 and studied for ten years with Nigerian master drummer Babatunde Olatunji at the Elma Lewis School of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts. Leon has had theatrical training and appeared regularly on the PBS daily television show zoom. He is an accomplished musician and performs regularly in numerous musical genres including jazz, reggae, and rock. Leon has appeared in the works of many recording artists and has self-produced four CDs and cassette tapes of djembe rhythms and songs. Leon has a great deal of experience teaching African drum rhythms. While in Boston, he taught at community centers, conducted school tours with the Art of Black Dance and Music, and conducted workshops at Berklee College of Music. He became Musical Drector at Paige Academy, a private school in Roxbury, Massachusetts. Leon continued teaching after moving to Los Angeles in 1986. He conducted weekly classes at UCLA, Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Theater, Parks and Recreation, and the Los Angeles High School for the Arts on the campus of California State. Leon has been an Ambassador for the State Department and has created signature series Drums where he donates drums totaling $5000.00 yearly.
Title - Lieutenant Colonel
Company - U.S. Army
Location - McDonough, GA
Industry -
Specialty - U.S Army; Intelligence; Human Services; Strategic Planning; Business Development; Husbandry; Strategic Policy Implementation
Michael Thompson is a Retired Lieutenant Colonel for the U.S Army he has served his country for over 32 years. Michael has excelled in his career and has received numerous awards for his outstanding achievements while on duty. He was responsible for overseas experience and peace-keeping combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. Michael provides leadership and organizational management through effectively managing all training and administration. Michael is dedicated to his job and rigorous work ethic.